ACC! This weekend! Go!

If you are anywhere near Baltimore today and through the weekend, you have to come check out to the mecca of all craft shows- The American Craft Council Show. This show is like the Oscar's of fine craft. Plus they have a returning section called AltCraft which showcases up and coming artists with a more indie flair. Please go and support B.E.S.T members Sweet Pepita and Tigerlilly Shop. And local artist and friend of B.E.S.T, Imogene will be showing as well. On Sunday The Broken Plate will be giving a demo on her process. And I'll be there on Friday helping out with the Hello Craft booth- whew! So much to see and do!


New Teensy posts! Listed today in the shop! Enamel on copper with surgical steel posts. Enjoy!


Watch your t.v. tomorrow!

Fellow B.E.S.T. member and friend Allison of Tigerlilly shop will make her t.v. debut tomorrow!
She will be featured on Good Morning Maryland Thursday morning during their 9 O'clock hour!
Tigerlillyshop will be featured in a demonstration slot for the local morning talk show on the ABC network. She'll be to promoting the American Craft Council show as a local AltCraft seller and show her electroforming process. Check her out tomorrow morning! Also check back here for some more previews of other B.E.S.T members who will be showing at ACC. On Friday I will be volunteering with Hello Craft at ACC doing shopper finds and interviews. Stop by and say hi!


New in Shop!

New Graffiti Drop pendant listed in the shop today! I really like how this photo turned out with the weird dried seed pod. The starburst shape echoes the graffiti-like explosion of color in the center of the pendant. I didn't notice till I posted. Have a great day everyone!


Get your hands dirty!

I am so glad I read our B.E.S.T blog this morning! Sweet Pepita had posted about this great website, Little House in the Suburbs, where you can download this free spring planting guide. Just this weekend I was wondering if it was too early to start my seeds indoors. If you were a reader last year you'll remember I was very proud of my little sprouts. So I eagerly downloaded my copy and filled in the dates, to find out I have to start my tomatoes and peppers now!!! Here is an excerpt:

Once you establish the frost-free date for your area, this planner will tell you each week what seeds can be started, what can be planted out, and what can be direct sowed from now through the end of the spring planting season. (Italics are used to indicate it's your last chance to get that particular vegetable going.) Then, in the blanks below, you can record what you decided to plant, varieties, notes, what-have-you.

Apparently I should have started spinach indoors a couple of weeks ago and be ready to plant outside soon. No wonder it didn't do so well last year. Here's to spring, warm sunshine, dirt and growing goodies!


Marketing Blitz!

I am finally done with my wholesale catalog! Wheee! Here is a sneak peak at the first page! I also made mailing labels with my logo, letterhead, tent cards for stores to display my work, hang tags for items, and am wrapping up a new website!! I'll post when it's launching, it's really just an information site with links to the blog and etsy shop, but it's new! This dandelion's been a busy girl- now I just need some new customers!

Happy weekend everyone!


Let's Go Out!

This is a new feature over at the B.E.S.T. blog, and I figured since I would actually be going out to my yoga birth class tonight and writing about it for the B.E.S.T blog, why not post it here too? The idea is to pick a local Baltimore place and then find etsy items you would wear or use when you go to the place. My pick is Charm City Yoga's Yoga Birth workshop which starts tonight. If you can't make this fabulous workshop, and you are yoga lovin' baby maker, then head to their prenatal yoga class on Sundays at 4:30.

LinkI will use this Belly Butter by Marigold Soaps to prevent those unsightly stretch marks and relieve my itchy skin.

I will wear this awesome t-shirt by Mutha Crafter, to let everyone know I'm working on the ultimate craft project!

I will carry my yoga mat in this cute bag by Kate Anne, it comes with a side pocket to hold your water bottle- important since we expectant ladies get quite thirsty.



Check out these 2 fabulous treasuries that some kind etsy sellers put me in! I especially like the Metallic Blue treasury!

And this Color Treasury is a lot of fun! 
Happy Monday everybody!


Friday already???

Oh my... where did the week go?? I've been busy in the studio making some new work and putting the final touches on my wholesale catalog. Here are a few sneak peeks:

Dandelion pendants. Enamel on copper, various sizes.

Graffiti Drop pendants. Enamel on copper.

Graffiti Rounds. Enamel on copper. New surgical steel kidney shaped wires. I love these because the enamel piece dangles lower and has more movement.

Happy Friday everyone!


M.I.A. Showed me up!

I don't need to discuss that crazy outfit- (was it some sort of maternity bikini? ladybug inspired?) but we do need to discuss just how M.I.A. rocked it at the Grammy's last night. Not only is she 9 months pregnant- last night was her DUE DATE. And she was on stage wiggling around and performing. I feel like a total loser now for all the complaining I do, and I'm only 4.5 months! I thought she was going to jiggle that baby out right on stage with Jay-Z! At first I was like "she must be like 25, ahhh, of course she can still shake it at 9 months. " Being a bit older I took that as my comfort for why I am not out shaking my thing or even staying up past 9:30- but wait... she's 31, gasp! Mr. Dandelion says she's my competition now and I better suck it up and get to work. Friends, I think I got whipped last last night... now where is my giant maternity pillow, I need a nap... :)


Crafts & Kisses!

LinkLooking for some handmade Valentines for your Valentine??? Head to D.C. on Sunday Feb. 8th and shop some of D.C.'s finest crafters. There will be a kissing booth, tons of handmade lovelies for your sweetheart and goodie bags for the first 50 shoppers! To preview the vendor list go here. I will be flying south to shop and help out my partner in craft this chickadee, hope to see you there!


Valentine Sale!

image courtesy of bluebuddies.com

Free shipping on all orders between now and V-day when you use the code "heart."
Your shipping will be refunded to you after checkout, or I can send you an adjusted paypal receipt. When will etsy get it together to allow promo codes??? Give a little handmade "sumpin-sumpin" to your sweetheart this year! Please order by Feb. 11th to ensure V-day delivery.


Be My Valentine!

Yesterday when chatting with my partner in craft this chickadee, I realized I hadn't made anything that was Valentine's Day related. Last year I had the "I Gave You my Heart" anatomically correct metal heart pendants. The year before I had the copper and paper hearts, and I can't remember back to the year before that. So I hoped down to the studio and whipped out this little series just for kicks. I may be a little late, considering it is Feb. 3rd already, but who can resist red and pink cherry blossoms and lace? I even attempted some "romance" themed photography! These lovelies are posted in the shop today, order by Feb. 11th to ensure delivery.


Have you Heard???

Orla Kiely has designed a home goods collection for Target! I seem to be one of the last to know, what with all the buzz on design blogs, but I am still excited! Orla Kiely is one of my favorite designers, I first happened upon her bags through a friend and then was delighted when my favorite Baltimore boutique Doubledutch started carrying her. I am now a proud owner of 2 bags, 1 wallet and 1 umbrella- all in her signature stem pattern. 2 years ago while in London, I got the chance to visit her flagship shop in Covent Garden. It was heaven. Everything was careful considered and designed, right down to her receipts which printed out with her stem pattern. Sigh. Her work isn't cheap, bags are $180 and up, but in my opinion that laminated fabric is rugged and well worth the investment. So I was really curious about her line for Target, while not in my favorite stem patterns, the pears are very cute, and all the items still have that "Orla" feel to them. The line hit the stores yesterday, I hoping to swing by today and check it out.