Partners in Craft!

My crafty partner, this chickadee, and I will be setting up shop June 28th for the new Crafty Bastards show in Silver Spring! Also we got some VERY exciting news involving the west coast and a certain HUGE 3 day festival! More on that as the details unfold.... Till then, only 2 weeks till the first Ballston Arts and Crafts Market! Check out their site and see who's the featured this week!

BTW- I'm going to go ahead and apologize now for the lack of posting for the next 2 month- I've got A LOT of work to do!!!


Price Gouging

I am in the process of re-assessing my pricing structure, and it's hard. Help! I need some feedback here.... I have been charging $40 for the medium size pendants below. But, I have recently been using more layers of colors, which means more firing in the kiln. I think a lot of people might not really know how time consuming enameling can be. You have to prepare the metal, I do 2 fires of counter enamel (the layered glass on the back), then 2 layers of the base color. Then each color of the image requires a separate firing. Granted, the piece is only in the kiln appx. 2 mins each time, but they have to gradually cool from 1500 degrees between each fire which takes a while, and not to mention waiting for the kiln to heat back up to the right temperature in between each fire. Then there is sanding, smoothing and polishing of the edges, and finally making the cord or chain.

I am not complaining, I love enameling, but I am wondering if I am not short changing myself here? The cost of copper and silver has gone up, not to mention the additional energy usage of my kiln factored in. When I initially started selling my pendants on etsy, there were only a few other artists working with enamel, so I wanted to keep my pricing competitive. $40-45 seemed to be the going rate, but now I am not so sure. A co-worker just today said I was way under charging for pieces like the one below. I have this piece listed at $50, but am thinking that's a steal! It's a larger pendant, 2" in diameter, and has layered colors. Plus I have now been offering the larger pendants on sterling chain, which is an additional cost to me. I do think I should charge more, but how much more? I have several large shows coming up this summer and I have always found my work sells better in person. So I would like to re-vamp my pricing structure before then. It's tough, because I really think a lot of artists on etsy drastically under charge themselves, but those are the ones with the huge sale totals. I want to stay competitive, but I definitely don't want to charge one price on etsy, and then another at shows. So what's a gal to do? Any thoughts??



I'm in Renegade!!! Now, I've really got to get to work!!!


Image from Ornament As Art show.

Sunday I headed down to our nations capital to meet up with this chickadee and view the Smithsonian Craft Show. There were 150 exhibitors, making it an easily accessible show. It was nice to browse and not feel rushed in order to see the whole show. I also appreciated the intimacy of the space and the chance to speak to the artists. There were several I recognized from Baltimore's ACC show, and I enjoyed a brief exchange with Eric Silva, one of my favorite artists.
Next we headed to the Renwick Gallery to see "Ornament as Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection." I have to say this was the highlight of my day, and anyone interested in jewelry as art shouldn't miss this show. I am coveting the show catalog, but at $90 it had to be pried from my fingers. As usual I left both shows feeling my usual mix of inspiration and despair- the inspiration is self explanatory, the despair because I feel like I'll never be "that good." But it is something to aspire too...


I'm an ART STAR!!!!

I'm in!!! Happy Friday!


1000 Jewelry Inspirations

Here is the cover for "1000 Jewelry Inspirations!" Although my piece did not make the cover, none the less, it is included (somewhere!) in the book. I submitted a copper and nu-gold pendant that was comprised of layered and pierced out metals, and then cold connected together. I'd include a picture, buuuutttt, you'll have to wait for the book release to see it! You can pre-order it from Amazon here, and I think you get a pretty substantial discount by pre-ordering. Word on the street is that the books will ship mid June, but if you pre-order it could be earlier. Yay!! I am so excited! I've never had anything really published in a nice hardbound book. Cheers!


I've Got the Blues...

Check out this nice treasury that I'm included in!
Beautiful Baltimore Blues!



Hello all,
I know, I know, I've been pretty lax about posting anything of substance. But I swear it's because there is a lot in the works happening over her at the Dandelion home. One of them being taxes. Sigh. I am definitely one of the "those" people. The people that sit in the long line at the post office at 11:50 pm on April 15th. I just can't bring myself to do them, even when we are getting a refund!!! So taxes, prep for shows, and a few major changes that are happening (more on that in future posts, I promise!!) are preventing me from loving my blog. Till then, head over to B.E.S.T.- we have another giveaway going on, and lot's of great "green" posts. Enjoy!


New Pieces!

Large enameled "Buds" pendant. Opaque dark blue enamel with transparent aqua. Sterling silver chain with glass beads.

Large "Flutter" enameled pendant. Opaque dark blue and aqua butterfly wings. Silver and glass beaded necklace.

Medium "Sprouts " enameled pendant. Opaque lilac, aqua, and dark blue sprouts. Sterling bale, comes on either silk or steel cable.

"Gallery Earrings" vintage brass findings with vintage lucite beads.

Happy Friday!!! These pieces will be posted in the shop shortly!