Back to School Etsy Finds

So tomorrow it's back to school for me, and to alleviate my utter despair at having to get up at 6am, wear something other then flip flops, and actually ummmm, work, I thought I'd post some back to school finds from etsy. Like these beautiful notebooks from Color Me Bella. Need a great tote bag to haul around all your books? Check out this cute one. Or maybe a messenger bag is what you need? I like this one by Sugar Lust. Don't forget your pencil case, grab it up from Cascade Lemonade. And while your there snag a new re-usable lunch bag too, school lunch always disappoints anyways! And you'll need a calendar to mark down all those important dates. Check this one out, with a page designed by yours truly! I think I got Oct. 11th, which is my wedding anniversary. If you are artistically inclined, maybe a new portfolio is what you need? Or a bulletin board for over your desk? New mouse pad? Oh, I almost forgot, new school shoes! Ok, I'm starting to feel a little better now...


Gee's Bend

Today I took a break from my mad scrambling in the studio, and took my mother in law to the Walter's Art Museum to see the Gee's Bend, The Architecture of the Quilt exhibit.
Check out the online catalog at the Walter's site to see many of the quilts on display. It was an amazing show, and although I admit I haven't been too into quilting previously, I was blown away by the skill, history and dedication to this craft. The show features 45 original quilts created from the 1920's through 2005 by artists from the farming community of Gee's Bend in Alabama. Gee's Bend was founded by freed slaves after the Civil War and became a community on an almost totally isolated peninsula. The town's women developed a distinctive and bold quilting style based on traditional African American motifs, combined with American styles and reminiscent of modern art. The process and knowledge of the craft was passed down through generations of women; grandmother's, mother's, sister's and daughters all gathered together quilting. The quilts were not only utilitarian but also told stories, family histories and personal struggles. The women used only what was available to them, giving a second life to work cloths, worn sheets and fabric scraps. The exhibit is only open till the 26th, and if you go be sure to check out Lind Day Clark's photographs of the women of Gee's Bend as well.


Workin' 9-5, or 9-9 is more like it.....

I've been holed up in my studio desperately trying to get work done for the upcoming Crafty Bastards show. I dread returning to my "real" job on the 27th, because I know after that, it will be impossible to get anything done. It's my first show and I am growing more and more anxious and nervous as I read people's posts in anticipation of the show. I have to admit, I have no idea what I am doing! I have no idea how much work to bring, displays, packaging, sales tax, receipts, credit cards vs. cash, etc.


Look what I found in Rome!

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Tucked away in Trastevere I stumbled upon this shop.... and much to my dismay it was closed for vacation :(. But as I stood salivating at it's window, I spied handmade bags, shoes, one of kind dresses, jewelry, -everything I wanted to see instead of the thousands of Prada knock offs.
But alas, just like in London, it was not to be.....

I've been tagged!

Juliet of The Broken Plate and Mutha Crafter fame tagged me a "Rockin Girl Blogger"! Yay! I am new to all this so it's exciting! I get to tag 5 other girl bloggers to pass the cheer on and support each other. Since I read a lot of blogs but am terribly shy about commenting, it's my chance to compliment my faves. Of course The Broken Plate would be one- but I gather we are supposed to choose 5 other blogs!
So here they are:
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I'm Back!!!

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And still recovering from major jet lag! I had an unbelievable time, I swear we walked all of Rome, saw the Pantheon (pictured), The Forum, The Colleseum, The Vatican, The Tiber, Catacombs, and so much more. I have a new love for Espresso, Limonchello, Roman artichokes, gnocchi, and eggplant. We took a train down to Naples, then Sorrento and a boat to Capri. I saw the ruins of Pompeii and had dinner over the water in a marina in Sorrento. I spent a lot of time wandering in and out of little shops in Trastevere looking at the work of many local artisans. Lot's of jewelers had their benches right in the middle of the shop so you could watch them as they worked.
I also spent 3 days in London, and took a side trip to Dover to see the White Cliffs and Dover castle. There are several galleries devoted to handmade jewelry and a great textile and design museum- unfortunately they were all closed as I was there over a weekend (for future reference).
I took a gazillion pictures and am busy uploading them to flickr if you want to see my adventure! I am back and ready to get to work to try to catch up on orders and get enough stock for Crafty Bastards!