M.I.A. Showed me up!

I don't need to discuss that crazy outfit- (was it some sort of maternity bikini? ladybug inspired?) but we do need to discuss just how M.I.A. rocked it at the Grammy's last night. Not only is she 9 months pregnant- last night was her DUE DATE. And she was on stage wiggling around and performing. I feel like a total loser now for all the complaining I do, and I'm only 4.5 months! I thought she was going to jiggle that baby out right on stage with Jay-Z! At first I was like "she must be like 25, ahhh, of course she can still shake it at 9 months. " Being a bit older I took that as my comfort for why I am not out shaking my thing or even staying up past 9:30- but wait... she's 31, gasp! Mr. Dandelion says she's my competition now and I better suck it up and get to work. Friends, I think I got whipped last last night... now where is my giant maternity pillow, I need a nap... :)

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Luciana said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Everyone knows celebrities have super-powers (personal trainers). The rest of us are just mortals.

Maybe she *was* trying to shake the baby out!