Still Waiting...

Just dropping in on the blogosphere to let you all know I am still here and still with child! My midwife says any day now in the next 2.5 weeks- but I feel (and hope!) sooner. We took this picture a couple of weeks ago so the belly is even more enormous! Hopefully the next time I post will be pictures of the sprout!
Till then...


What I'm working on

Here are a few pictures of "Sprouts" new room! It's still a work in progress but it's getting there. Only about 2 months ago it was uninhabitable. Crumbling plaster, shag carpeting, mustard yellow walls- it was frightening. Now it's almost ready, only 4 weeks to go!

My take on the bird mobile from the Spool blog.

My grandfather built the little shelves for me when I was a baby.

We had to stain the floors when we ripped up the carpets and realized that the previous owners had only finished the floor AROUND the carpet.
I painted all the little animals, and the prints are actually Martha Stewart alphabet cards that I framed.

The mobile was made for me and the sprout by the littlest bean and the sock monkey was made by Jenny Jen 42.



So I've landed myself in a time out- no worries but it's still early and we don't want the little sprout to debut just yet! I will probably be pretty inconsistent with posting from here on out, but don't you worry, I'll update with any major news! Take care everyone, and keep crafty!


Handmade Mart Pics

Just a few pics of my set up and the entire booth from Handmade Mart. this chickadee and I had a pretty good day! In fact it was a breeze, or maybe more like a torrential wind at times, but even that couldn't stop the eager shoppers from snapping up all the handmade delights!