Holiday Shopping the Visionary Way

Bazaart at the American Visionary Art Museum is a wonderful collection of artists ranging from folk to funky. This year, many of us B.E.S.T members will be there ! Here's the details:

Friday Evening • November 28 • 5:30–8:30PM:
Bazaart PREVIEW PARTY & SALEAn opportunity to get the first shot at the original creations by 50 regional artists and craftspeople prior to the Saturday Bazaart extravaganza. Spend a relaxing evening strolling among Bazaart artisans and their wares while nibbling light fare, and perhaps enjoying a beverage. Music TBA. Location: American Visionary Art Museum, Jim Rouse Visionary Center, 3rd Floor. Admission to Preview Party & Sale: $20 at the door.

Saturday • November 29 • 10AM-5PM: BAZAART: Artful Holiday Shopping
A Holiday Marketplace of original creations by 50 regional artists and craftspeople. Painting, sculpture, papercrafts, metalwork, jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and other work that simply defies categorization. FREE ENTRY. American Visionary Art Museum, Jim Rouse Visionary Center 3rd Floor

Hope to see you there!


1 more picture from the Walter's

Enough tooting of my own horn, but this is one of my favorite pictures, courtesy of this chickadee.

I Survived the Walter's Art Museum Runway Show!

Phew.... still in recovery but here are some pics from last Thursday. Unfortunately I don't have pics during the runway show (The Walter's had all these crazy rules) but I have pics of my piece and the preparation. Luckily my piece held together and made it down the runway, through the crowded "Meet and Greet," and onto the mannequin in the Ancient Gallery. It's been a long couple of months working on this thing, it was a totally new way of working for me. Not only was it 3-D and sculptural, it had to be worn and interacted with. While I am accustomed to making jewelry (art to be worn) I've never welded with oxy-acetelyne, or had to make a large scale sculpture that fit a certain body. Then, said sculpture had to move through a crowd and be scrutinized from all angles. Anyhow the show went off with out a hitch, and the piece of music Mr. Dandelion and I composed was played throughout the show.

Anne gets her make up done with feathered eyelashes.

The stylists work on her hair.

Anne with the inspiration piece in the Ancient Gallery

Side view of piece and ear piece

Me, the piece on the creepy mannequin, Becky (the best "assistant in the world), and Super Model Anne.

Here is the statement that is mounted with the piece in the gallery:

“The Secret Keeper”
Copper wire, rice paper, polymer clay, feathers, sterling silver

A secret is defined as something that is “kept from knowledge or view, hidden, and revealed only to the initiated.” The term “closemouthed” is an adjective in conjunction with being described as “secretive.” Everyone has secrets or information they are not willing to share with the general public, but may share with a select few. These receivers then become the “secret keepers,” and mostly likely will divulge some if not all, of the tidbits to others. As the secret is passed along in it’s varying forms, it grows and changes, but always with the prelude of “don’t tell anyone…” Secrets can quickly change shape to rumors and then gossip as they travel from person to person, growing more exciting and lascivious. But if a secret is not shared with anyone, if it only lies within one person and is never whispered or revealed, can it be called a secret? Does the info or thought need to be uttered out loud before it deserves the title of secret? Can a secret truly be “kept?”
My piece is a body sculpture inspired by the act of telling secrets or gossiping. It is an apparatus worn by someone who has spread rumors or told other’s secrets. In mythology the Gods often had cruel yet creative punishments for any perceived misdoing. My piece is informed by this story telling. A metal cage-like piece with pierced out shapes resembling the eardrum is worn over the mouth. The mouth cage is connected to a long tube that wraps around the neck, shoulder, and upper torso, “strangling” the wearer and then passes up over the head. The tube ends with a mouth shaped piece that fits over the ear. The secrets trapped in the tube are unable to escape the closed circuit of the apparatus. Hearing other’s secrets through the uncovered ear punishes the wearer, for when the wearer goes to speak them; the secrets are passed through the tube and end up back in their other ear. In essence, they are forced to tell the secrets to themselves, and can never spread the gossip along. The wearer is a true “secret keeper.”


Classic Rocks at the Walters Art Museum

Wondering where I've been??? So have I! After the exhaustion of Handmade Arcade, I had to jump right back into working on my wearable sculpture for the "Classic Rocks" show at The Walters Art Museum. The runway show is this Thursday evening, and unless you want to pay $150 to attend and drink $50 glasses of champagne (there will be 1 REAL diamond in a glass), you can only see the work by going to either the reception on Saturday morning, or checking it while on display through Thanksgiving. The runway show will be filmed and projected alongside the pieces for the full effect. J Shoes donated the shoes the models are wearing, professional hair and make up artists will work their magic, and I even had a piece of music custom composed by Mr. Dandelion. No pictures yet, I am of course working right up to the deadline, but hope to get some pics at the dress rehearsal tonight. Wish me luck!


The Holiday Season is Upon Us

I'm back from Pittsburgh- tired, with only about a 1/4 of the stock I left with, but happy! Handmade Arcade is Pittsburgh's equivalent of Crafty Bastards. Well promoted, organized, and shopped. There were tons of volunteers to help out, doughnuts and coffee in the morning, and throngs of shoppers. Despite the strange venue (the Hunt Armory- it was filthy and smelled of exhaust the entire time), it was a great show for everyone. B.E.S.T was in full effect with representation from yours truly, Sweet Pepita, The Littlest Bean, Tigerlilly Shop, Jenny Jen, Beth Pohlman, and honorary member this chickadee. Please excuse the lousy pictures- my camera seems to be crapping out already.

B.E.S.T had almost an entire row to ourselves.

It really was a working armory, tanks and all.

The chickadee working it at her booth.

God bless American consumerism and buying handmade !!!

My little set up. Now on to Holiday Heap on Saturday!


Yes We DID!

YES WE DID!!!!!! America, I am so proud of you, proud of us! I am full of hope, inspiration, and pride. Today is a new dawn, new day and a new chance. Thank you.


Post Halloween

The theme for this years Halloween party was Tim Burton movies- excellent choice in my book. I originally wanted to be one half of the singing siamese twins from "Big Fish," but couldn't convince anyone to squeeze into a single dress with me. I figured there would be lot's of "Sweeney Todd" characters since it is his latest movie, so I crossed that one off my list, all though the beach scene would have been fantastic. I settled on "The Corpse Bride" figuring people may have forgotten about it and it seemed like an easy costume to make. One bid on an unhappy bride's gown ($10 !!!) later, and we were in business!

I even dug out my own dried bouquet to complete the look!

Me and "Veruca Salt" from "Willy Wonka" holding a friend's unsuspecting baby- there's something wrong with this scene....!
Me and the lonely, over sexed neighbor from "Edwards Scissorhands." Remmeber she accosts him in the beauty parlor?? Guess who won the costume contest??? Why, me!!! Yay!! What were you for halloween?