Ok, now I feel bad. The producers from "Creative Juice" on HGTV are casting for a reality type show for crafters. It will be guest based so they are looking for "hip" crafters in all craft and media. Here's the kicker- you have to be 28 or younger. I guess at 30, that makes me ineligible and ancient- oh, and not very hip either. Wanna see some "killer D.I.Y skills" cathie and steve?? Come check out the spa bathroom my husband and I are single handily building in space where there was no bathroom before. Come check out the Italian porcelain tile over the radiant heat floor we installed, or the steam shower, or the stainless steel decorative inlay tile we are laying next weekend. Oh wait he's 32. Does it make him "hipper" that he spins records, skateboards, is a graphic artist and musician? Or how about hanging out with me in my basement studio while I fire glass in 2000 degree kiln to make my one of kind enameled jewelry. That's "killer" -literally. Maybe I can "pass" with my dyed hair, nose ring and tattoo's. Sorry for the rant, but come on, since when is 28 the cutoff for being "hip????" Argggg. But if you are lucky enough to be still young, "hip," wrinkle and walker free, then more power to you and submit. Good luck.


Spring has sprung

spring time
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Happy Friday everybody!


Ballston Arts & Craft Market!!

Starting in May, you dear readers, will be able to find Dandelion Blu and this chickadee at Ballston Arts & Craft Market! Ms. Chickadee and I decided to combine our crafting energies and applied to share a booth. We were accepted for 4 dates, so if you miss us on May 10th, don't fret, you can catch us 3 other times till October. Market dates are the second Saturdays May-Oct. Check out their fabulous blog for a list of all the fantastic vendors- many of which were fellow crafty bastards! Hope to you see there!

Also head over to my shop, more sale items, and if you put "blog" in the comment section at check out, I'll give free shipping! Note: don't put your payment through paypal at checkout to receive the discount, I'll send you a pay request with the adjusted total. Thanks!!


Disaster Averted!!!

Well, almost! It's becoming apparent that I will have to bite the bullet and buy a new computer- soon. Till then, here are a few pics of some new pieces I managed to work on in between putting my hard drive fire out and the craziness of spring break- and by crazy I mean of the tiling and toilet installation variety....



My hard drive has melted down, in a bad way.... so until Mr. Dandelion can (hopefully) repair and recover my entire life on my laptop, this blog will be on hiatus. On the flip side I am getting a lot of work done in the studio! Cheers, sort of...


Putting the Charm into Charm City

There is a renaissance of sorts happening in North East Baltimore, particularly in the Lauraville area. This Saturday I ventured up the street to check out the grand opening of several new businesses in the 4300 block of Harford Rd. Already revitalized by the likes of Red Canoe coffee and book shop, The Chameleon Cafe and Zeke's Coffee, this area is further establishing itself as a shopping destination with the new businesses.

My first stop was Studio C, opened by our very own B.E.S.T. Member Constance of Vibrant Earth Jewels. Tucked up on the second floor of Red Canoe, the shop is a sunny display of handmade jewelry and gifts. I quickly snatched up some dangling earrings made from vintage chandelier crystals.

Next I ventured into Spinster Yarns and Fibers, a must stop for anyone who knits, crochets, or works with fibers. It is a haven of cubbies filled with rainbow colored yarns and wools in every shade imaginable. They also have an impressive book selection and other fiber supplies. In addition to their wonderful stock, they are also offering classes. Go to www.spinsteryarnsandfibers.com for more info.

Next stop was Rock Candy, dangerously close to home, for someone like me with a raging sweet tooth. They carry organic and gourmet chocolates, funky items like candy bacon and Legos, great gifts, bulk favorites like gummi bears and worms- but by far the most exciting is the small movie theater in the back, complete with concession stand. Currently the theater is available by reservation, check out their site, www.rockcandybaltimore.com for show times, chocolate tasting events, and new items. Also be sure to stop into Bediboo, a unique children's clothing boutique, for hip urban tots and their Mamas. Another business I am keeping an eye on is Beth's DIY Workshop. Beth will teaching classes on using power tools, basic plumbing repairs, and simple carpentry. The workshop will have benches, tools, a DIY library, and will be available to rent open hours for customers to work on projects. What a great resource and congratulations to all the new business owners!


"I Am Who I Pretend To Be...."

Saturday night I ventured down to our nations lovely capital to attend the opening of Cara Ober's new show "I Am Who I pretend To Be..." The show at the Randall Scott Gallery, was a mixture of new drawings and paintings, and included a wall of 100 small drawings that were like daily musings or fragmented narratives.
In the wake of "the scandal" (you can catch up here), Cara's work has gotten darker- both in color and perception. Her once pale washy canvases with their often pastel colors have deepened to richer tones. The text has taken on an edgier aggressive voice, and depictions of wolves, tanks and other more sinister images have surfaced.
I rather liked the inclusion of the definition of "plagiarist" in the painting on the invitation, a not so subtle reference to said scandal. It's self defense fine art style. But hey, I'm biased. We made it through grad school together, I've got "Obers" all over my house, and I thought she took an unfair beating in our small town presses. So congratulations, "I Am Who I Pretend To Be..." definitely had the last word.


Indie Fixx Feature!

Happy Monday! My "Spring Sprouts" pendant is featured in the Indie Fixx Spring Fashion and Accessories Guide! Hooray! You can check it out here:


"Hey Mr. DJ!" Friday Etsy Finds!

I've been meaning to post about these awesome turntable covers that I commissioned for my husband for xmas, but somehow time got a way from me. So I figured I'd re-instate the Friday Etsy Finds post with some DJ inspired items. Enjoy and happy weekend!

Turntable covers by Me and My Machine. I asked her to make 2, the second one we came up with a special design of a pair of headphones on the table. These are awesome!
Turntable ipod case by Quiet Doing.

Headphones silk screened tee by Coolest Tees.

Turntable silk screened tea towel by i love pink dots.

And for the babies... "Punk rock baby set" by low lee pop.


Spring Fever!!!

I've got it! The spring fever that is!!! And what better way to celebrate then to do a little spring cleaning. I am clearing out the shop for new spring designs. So hurry on over, your favorite piece maybe discounted up to %40 off! While the above piece isn't exactly a new design, it is very spring like. Pierced and sawed copper with vibrant green enamel. It's slightly domed so it creates a lovely shadow on the wearer. Keep checking back as I plan on listing more and more in the sale section. Here's to spring!


Weekend Work

After being inspired by the ACC show and the glass lace piece I bought (see my re-cap below), I decided I wanted to work with lace on my own more. I have been using lace to "silk screen" with for some earlier enamel pendants, but decided that what I like about lace as a material is the negative space. My first attempt is the sterling silver pierced and sawed piece to the left. I used a scrap of antique lace as a reference. Then I pierced and sawed a piece of copper and over fired some pink enamel so that the edges went black. I am thinking of working on a series of these "lace collars," in different patterns and metals. What I really should have been working on was my wax caring for my cast ring. But after breaking the shank off in frustration, I had to put it aside. sigh...