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Imagine my surprise when this guy visited me on Thanksgiving day! He was spotted on the windowsill of my sun porch and I quickly grabbed my camera and macro lens. Now I know I just posted about my love for black and white yesterday, but how could I not be inspired by this guys color? Up close he (or she actually) looks like some sort of alien creature, and regarded me and my picture taking with an almost quiet contemplation. I was able to get so close to it yet he didn't startle or fly away. He just seemed to be enjoying the sunny and warm windowsill. I shot probably 30 images of him, and ended up printing a large 8x10 of this shot. The very next day I was in my studio and was flipping through some of the images I had shot before getting to work. I didn't realize it at the time, but that Praying Mantis, really influenced my color and material choice for this pendant below. I called it "lily pad" but in hindsight it really is more insect like don't you think?

"Lily Pad" Enamel and glass on copper

Coincidentally I was looking up the proper spelling for "Praying Mantis" and cam acros this interesting word root on wikipedia-
"Often mistakenly spelled preying mantis (an eggcorn, since they are notoriously predatory), they are in fact named for the typical "prayer-like" stance. The word mantis derives from the Greek word mantis for prophet or fortune teller."

"Praying fortune teller"- very interesting........!


Where Have You Been???

I know, I know- it's been a while! But I'm back after suffering the most tenacious cold, Thanksgiving, and interim grading. In my abscence I did manage to squeeze in some studio time and make these new pendants. These are quite a departure from my more saturated pallets- especially with my "graffiti" series. But I am enjoying using just black and white, (or gun metal gray in the case of the 2nd pendant from the top) and experimenting with texture and line. I love color, and consider myself to have a pretty good eye and feeling for it. In fact, in Grad school I painted my entire house intense colors just for my thesis body of photography work. I was continuosly accused of being a painter in denial because my photos were so saturated with color. But I have also always had a love for that perfectly printed silver gelatin black and white print. So in photography terms, these pendants are like my "retrun" to a sumptous black and white print. Now if I can only part with them and post them in my shop!


The ACC Noticed Little Old Me!

Delighted, flattered, and on cloud nine! Words can't describe my astonishment at being featured in an article spotlighting work chosen by American Craft Council Director of Education, Monica Hampton and Editor of American Craft Magazine, Andrew Wagner! The article is on Etsy's Storque newsletter, and is a highlight of shopping "through the lens of the American Craft Council." Andrew and Monica chose their favorite picks, and imagine my amazement that they stumbled on, and liked my "teensy" earrings! I am literally flabbergasted! I attend the ACC show every year and can only aspire to one day be involved- it is the best of the best in contemporary craft. Above there are some screen shots from the page, but be sure to check out the whole article. What a Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays to all!


My New Addiction....

Check it out! It's on online book swap meet. You upload books you are willing to swap, and when somebody wants one you pack it up, ship to them, and earn credits to get books of your own! They even give you printable packing so you don't have to make labels, envelopes, or figure out addresses. It's so easy! I uploaded 10 books this morning and 3 have already been snapped up. It's a breeze to sign up and you get 2 free credits once you upload 10 books. And you get credit for each book swapped. I'm a big reader and have tons of books that I probably won't pick up again, why not let someone else enjoy them!
Have a good weekend everyone!


New in Shop!

"Bamboo" Enamel on copper

"Graffiti Cutouts" enamel on copper

"Grafftit Teardrop" enaeml on copper

"Queen Anne's Lace" Enamel on copper

"Spring Oak Leaf Choker" enamel on copper, sterling silver chain

Just a quick post to show some of the new items I finally got listed in my shop! Enjoy!


Crafting For Critters!

I love this shirt by Super Maggie, it's obvious why... but I also love that it benefits animal welfare! Check out Crafters For Critters, where all the proceeds from the donated items go to different rescues, shelters and animal related causes. You can search by your favorite designer or item. Perfect for the holidays and keeping up with the "handmade pledge." Keep an eye out for Dandelion Blu items, I plan on donating soon! Thanks to this chickadee for reminding just how cool this site is!


Why I love Charm City....

Crazy Sign
Originally uploaded by dandelionblu

The DIY signage is priceless... I don't know about you, but this is way more effective then your traditional "No Trespassing!"


Friday Etsy Finds!

No real "theme" here, just a few of my current faves!

Tiny gardens by Green Ware Design. The pot is hand made and then filled with beautiful succulents.

Steel ornaments by Megan Auman Home, I'd hang this all year!

Letter press hedgehog greeting cards by Papered Together.

Silk screened "Fy" hoodie by Circular Accessories.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


DC Craft Mafia Report

My "famillia" who stuck it out with me throughout the very long day. Thanks gals!!!!

Earring tree o' plenty

Enameled pendants on display

Hair pins and some new enamels

All in all I had a very good day- I had no idea what to expect since it was only my second show, and after the unbelievable success I had at Crafty Bastards- I knew there would be no comparison. I got to hang out all day with my good friends who so graciously helped me hawk my wares, thanks guys! Check out my friend's new blog, this chickadee, she is working her fingers to the bone creating home goods and other goodies. I also got to shop some of my favorite vendors, something I didn't get to do at Crafty since it was a hectic non stop buying bonanza! I got soaps and other delicious goods from Biggs and Featherbelle. Some new silk screened T's from one of my all time faves Red Prairie Press. And I salivated over Megan Auman's welded steel jewelry. I got the chance to meet and chat with Patch Ink as well as Brookadelphia. And my sales were nothing to sneeze at as well! I felt like it was a good flow of action, I was neither mobbed nor deserted, and I actually got to talk to my customers this time! The venue was a bit odd though, it seemed to be in a residential area of Bethesda, so that may have impeded a lot of foot traffic. It appeared to be a ballroom type rental, complete with the wall o' mirrors for a a more "spacious" feel, drunkenly spinning disco ball, and the ever present drop ceiling. I felt like I should have my camera, and be frantically trying to "find the bride." But that was my former life... shudder. Plus, I had several people email me afterwards saying they couldn't find it, so I don't know if that effected anything. Also, we were sort of crammed in there like sardines and had to construct elaborate "passage ways" to get out from behind our tables. Luckily we were neighbors with the lovely, talented, and oh so patient Palace of Varied Industries and Scarves by Helen, so we could be chummy but actually be able to leave our area! I think the vendors were immensely talented and there seemed to be a good mix- Lot's of jewelry, but hey, that's a given! I look forward to future events by The DC Craft Mafia! Cheers!

Julie Lake

That's me wearing my new Julie Lake necklace as we headed out for an amazing birthday dinner. It's my favorite new piece, welded stainless steel. My husband rocks! Maybe he'll get me the earrings for Xmas......


Daily Candy!

Check out Daily Candy's weekend guide for Washington D.C.! The D.C. Craft Mafia's Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival is listed! Yay! It's where all the cool kids will be.... I know I'll see you all there! Remeber, 20% off Dandelion Blu Jewelry if you mention this blog!!!


D.C Craft Mafia! This Saturday!

Don't Forget!!!! This Saturday get a jump start on your holiday gift givin'! 12-8pm at The Anastasi Room, 5020 Battery Lane Bethesda, MD 20814. 50+ amazing vendors!
Handmade gifts you can't refuse..... www.dccraftmafia.com
I'll be at booth #49!!!

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AND! Buy a door prize ticket for $1 for your chance to win one of the many fabulous prizes donated from the vendors you love so much. The donations go to The Washington Humane Society- a cause, as you all well know, that is near and dear to my heart! Check out this gallery of the prizes, I donated one of my "Queen Annes' Lace Pendants," the photo in the slideshow is ummmm, well not so good, so take a look at it here instead!

Hope to see you there!!!