Have you Heard???

Orla Kiely has designed a home goods collection for Target! I seem to be one of the last to know, what with all the buzz on design blogs, but I am still excited! Orla Kiely is one of my favorite designers, I first happened upon her bags through a friend and then was delighted when my favorite Baltimore boutique Doubledutch started carrying her. I am now a proud owner of 2 bags, 1 wallet and 1 umbrella- all in her signature stem pattern. 2 years ago while in London, I got the chance to visit her flagship shop in Covent Garden. It was heaven. Everything was careful considered and designed, right down to her receipts which printed out with her stem pattern. Sigh. Her work isn't cheap, bags are $180 and up, but in my opinion that laminated fabric is rugged and well worth the investment. So I was really curious about her line for Target, while not in my favorite stem patterns, the pears are very cute, and all the items still have that "Orla" feel to them. The line hit the stores yesterday, I hoping to swing by today and check it out.

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