Give away!

Here is a sneak preview of just a few of the fabulous items that one lucky bride-to-be can win at the AVAM Bridal Happy Hour this Thursday! Luscious rose and chocolate Bath Melts from Spa Therapy Works, beautiful silver studs by Jill Popowich Designs, and a Tiny Blossom enameled pendant from Dandelion Blu Jewelry. All you have to do is come to the show and sign up on our mailing list for your chance to win! More items will be added daily so check back!


AVAM Bridal Happy Hour

Please join BEST members at the 8th annual American Visionary Art Museum's Bridal Happy Hour!
Thursday April 2nd, 5:30-7:30. Enjoy food and cocktails and view work by some of Baltimore's best wedding vendors. And best of all, it's free!

Why go handmade for your wedding?? There are many reasons!
-Have custom jewelry, paper goods and spa gifts created that are as a special as your wedding.
-Support local and woman owned businesses.
-Many BEST artists use sustainable and green materials in their work.
-Give your wedding a handmade touch that is unique.
-Show your bridal party and family your appreciation with gifts that are created just for them!

Participating BEST artists:
Block Party Press
Dandelion Blu Jewelry
Elisa Shere Jewelry
Jill Popowich Designs
The Broken Plate
TigerLilly Shop
Spa Therapy Works
Yummy & Co.

Hope to see you there!


Back at it again!

Dandelion Blu has several appearances coming up! First, is to promote handmade weddings with fellow B.E.S.T members. We will have a table at the American Visionary Art Museum's Bridal Happy Hour on Thursday April 2nd, 5-7pm. It is a great opportunity for brides and grooms-to-be to check out some of the areas top vendors in the bridal industry. Come taste cake, sip wine, check out linens and photographers- and come see us for all your handmade jewelry, invites, luxurious pampering products, and bridal party gifts. It's a free event with lot's of information, samples and giveaways. And you get to meet prospective vendors and narrow down that wedding to do list. In a previous life I showed at the happy hour as a photographer- it was always my favorite wedding related event to do. Above is my new marketing postcard specifically for weddings and custom jewelry. Cheers!


20 Things

Check out this fun feature about my friend and local artist Cara Ober on the BEST blog!

Twenty Things: Cara Ober

Cara Ober is an artist, art critique, blogger and co-owner of Paperwork Gallery here in Charm City. She shows both locally and nationally, and can be found commenting on all things art and political at www.bmoreart.com. To see more of her work check out www.caraober.com

20 Random Unoffensive Facts about Me, Cara Ober:

1. If I had to eat only one food for the rest of my life I would choose ... wait for it ... peanut butter. The recent salmonella scare had me in a panic.
2. I married a man I met in 7th grade Orchestra class. We both played the violin.
3. I have two yappy smalldogs, Friday and Peppy, and I love them more than life itself. Their pomeranian antics entertain me constantly.
4. I have never been able to choose between art making and writing. So I do both at the same time. I'm not sure how efficient this is.
5. I can't touch my toes.
6. For some reason, I receive People Magazine in the mail each week addressed to me, the Spanish Langauge Version, which I can't read.
7. I am not a natural blonde. Hard to believe, I know.
8. I am addicted to coffee. Hot in the winter and cold in the summer.
9. I do not like dessert. Salt = Yes. Sugar = No.
10. I have approximately 10 different jobs that actually pay me. But not very much.
11. I live in a house that is 100 years old and my husband is fixing it up one room at a time. I use this as an excuse to not clean. Ever.
12. I bite my fingernails like it is going out of style. I really enjoy it. I know it is gross.
13. I am still close with my best friends from elementary school and middle school. I am wealthy in friendships. I have several good friends in my immediate Baltimore area as well.
14. I adore body products that smell like mint or nuts. I detest body products that smell like fruits or flowers. Is coconut a fruit or a nut? I put it in the nut category, unless it is combined with a Pineapple smell, which ruins it for me.
15. I always assume everyone I meet is gay. This sometimes gets me into trouble.
16. I love Woody Allen. I love his movies. I love him. I really love him. I am watching 'Manhattan' right now. It is my favorite one.
17. I refuse to shop at Wal-mart. I will not step foot inside. I get panic attacks and think they (the wal-mart people) are evil. Seriously. I don't understand why anyone goes there. There are some things more important than saving money. Yes, there is a tirade here.
18. I am an pretty effing good cook. I never use recipes although reading glossy cooking magazines is one of my guilty pleasures.
19. I am politically involved and interested. I will argue with anyone at any time. Gay marriage = fairness. Conservatives need to learn that time does not march backwards.
2o. I am a terrible driver. I sometimes check my email while driving.


New in Shop!

I am expanding my offerings to include more custom work, items geared toward bridal parties and men! Check out my new custom cufflinks just posted in the shop. Show your bridal party your appreciation with wearable one of a kind art! Custom enameled cufflinks made to order in your wedding colors or when applicable, wedding theme. Kiln fired enamels on copper then adhered to silver tone cufflinks. The edges of the copper are highly polished for a nice gleam. These cuflinks are created in my "graffiti" style, so no two are exactly alike. Add a splash of color to those black suits, match the bouquets, or coordinate with the bridesmaid jewelry! Convo or email me for color combinations. Discounts available for orders of 5 pairs or more in the same color combos. Polish cloth and care instructions included.


B.E.S.T Giveaway!!!

My daffodils are opening their yellow heads, the grass looks a shade greener, I am starting my flower seeds- Spring is coming!!! To celebrate, B.E.S.T has put together this mega-giveaway of springtime goods just for you. All you need to do is be on the B.E.S.T mailing list and leave a comment on the original post here about a favorite work from one of the many talented BEST artists. If you are not on the mailing list yet, you are missing out on giveaways and newsletters delivered straight to your inbox (we promise to not be annoying, we only send you mail a few times a year.) So, what are you waiting for?
In this giveaway you will find work from these great BEST artists
1. Jersey Girl Design 2. A Stone's Throw 3. nfall2rt designstudio 4. Greenstartstudio 5. Yummy & Company 6. Herekitty Pretties 7. The Baker's Wife 8. The Giving Tree 9. Zetta 10. Tigerlillyshop


Spring Treasury

Check out this lovely spring themed treasury from B.E.S.T members! Too bad I heard it may snow tomorrow... :(


Spring Sprouts

Fresh from the garden! The Spring Sprouts are back! Enamel on copper medium size pendant. 3 different shades of green sprouts layered over white. Listed in the shop today. Warm days, sunshine and a green world are just weeks away!


Dandelions for the Sprout

I think The Sprout might need this, no? By Circular Accessories, one of my favorite etsy shops. I have 3 or 4 of her silk screened t's. I've always admired her baby line and bought items for gifts. Now it's The Sprouts turn!


Special Order

I was oh so pleased to get a very special order from a loyal Crafty Bastards shopper! Here is a sneak peek of a bridal party order I am completing this week. Custom orders are always fun, and I usually give a price break if you order multiples of one style. If you have any special requests you can email me through the blog, or drop me a convo through my etsy shop.


Pick of the Week!

I realize I haven't been consistent with my "Pick of the Week" sale items. I promise to try harder in the future. Here's this weeks pick, "Very Cherry." Enamel on copper, in the shop now!


Quilt for the Sprout!

I know it's not jewelry, but it is handmade by me! I just finished up the is quilt this weekend for the sprout.
I used some left over fabrics from some other projects, and the solid yellow squares are actually from my own baby blanket- hence the wear and transparency!
Definitely not as fantastic as the quilts I saw at the ACC this past weekend, but it's pretty good for my first try at quilting. The batting is bamboo, so it is a thinner quilt, but I liked that the bamboo is hypoallergenic and antibacterial- plus it "adjusts" to the body temperature. Bamboo is an awesome fiber, I am now on the lookout for more as designers and manufacturers are realizing how versatile and sustainable bamboo is.

This is the back, a nice snuggly fleece. Since we won't know the sprouts gender till he/she makes their arrival, I went with a more "gender neutral" pallet. Although, I am not a big believer in colors actually having a gender preference- but for some reason it really seems to matter to others. Why is pink a "girl color?" When you stop to think about it, it's kind of weird right? Hope everybody enjoys their snow day!