Those Crafty Bastards were good to us!

Our complete booth set up, we got a lot of remarks that our work complimented each other.
The Dandelion Blu side of our shop.

A closer look at my table. See my new display item? That was an old chandelier that I found in the back of HouseWerks in Baltimore. The owner cut me an awesome deal- free!
 I took it apart, made a base and spray painted it to be a display fixture- worked well  no?
Open for business! We rolled out the white recycled plastic bag carpet!

It was an awesome day! No torrential down pours, wind or lightning! Despite the swampy heat,  it was packed! I have to say the inaugural debut of Crafty Bastards Silver Spring was a huge success. The Crafty Crew puts on one of the best events that I have the pleasure of being a vendor at. A big thanks to the City Paper Crew, my partner in craft this chickadee, her partner Eric "the muscle," and the ever cheerful and faithful booth girl Kelly. And a big thanks to all of you that came out for a visit!   



Yesterday the chickadee flew North to our fair charming city to have meeting of the minds about booth set up and "styling" for tomorrows Crafty Bastards extravaganza. After much struggling with that tent (we both are gifted with being closer to the ground then most), lot's of sweating and swearing, we are pretty happy with our set up ideas. Don't you worry, these pictures lie- come tomorrow our tent will be brimming with wonderous handmade goodies. Won't you come for a visit?? Hope to see you there, wish us luck, and do a no thunderstorm dance!


It's Here!

1000 Jewelry Inspirations! A new jewelry book by Sandra Salamony. I received my complimentary copy in the mail today! It is really a nice book, lot's of interesting work, great pictures, new ideas.

And look! I am number 939! That's my "Autumn Leaves" Pendant. Copper and new gold, pierced, sawed and riveted together. The photo came out a wee contrasty, but I can't complain too much- I'm published!
You can order your copy from Amazon here.


Spotlight on "this Chickadee!"

Check out the feature on my partner in craft, this chickadee, over on the Crafty Bastards blog!
If you don't already know, the chickadee and I will be showing together this Saturday, June 28th, at Crafty Bastards in Silver Spring! Due to the mega success of the fall Crafty Bastards shows, the crafty crew decided to hold an additional show in the summer. It's at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, and sponsored by Whole Foods, Downtown Silver Spring, and several area restaurants including the Piratz Tavern- arggggh!
There will be bands, food, and of course great handmade items. Come visit us! And if you mention this blog I just may give you a discount!!!


Pile of Craft!

If you are in or around Charm City tomorrow, Saturday June 21st, stop by Pile of Craft! It's Charm City Craft Mafia's second annual juried craft show held at St. John's Church in Charles Village. Several BEST members will be showing including, Sweet Pepita, Littlest Bean, The Broken Plate, TigerLilly Shop and more. CCCM always puts on a great show, and given this vendor list, this one is sure to please. Have a great weekend!


Sneak Peek!

Quick picture of some of my new "organix" line of chokers. Enamel on copper with sterling chains. Bright colors for summer fun. They will be in the shop shortly!

The B List

My friend Cara Ober of B-more Art fame, has started a new blog that is a catalog of Baltimore area artists with links to their websites and blogs. Check it out here, and send her and email with a link and a jpg to be included too!


Renegade Part Deux

Ok, so Sunday was %110 better then Saturday. The heat had broken, it wasn't AS humid, and the sun was peeking out. Buuuuuttt, there were a lot of vendors having to deal with the aftermath of Saturday's storms. I have to say that we escaped pretty much unscathed, and I really can't complain given the experience of others. Many vendor's tents collapsed under the weight of the rain, some blew away, others didn't have side walls to protect their merchandise from the horizontal rain. I saw one poor vendor on Sunday with a sign that read, "The Rain Ruined My Life Sale." The extent of my losses were a box of paper shopping bags, gift boxes, tissue and business cards. I did also loose all my signs and many earring cards, but faced with the prospect of loosing my actual work, I feel pretty lucky.
My other loyal assistant Cindy, and Rachel of Red Prairie Press inspecting the damage after the first of many storms Saturday.
Renegade during happier times...

As you can see above the fair was packed Sunday. The DJ was spinning, Mr. Softie was selling treats, people were laughing and smiling, and genuinely seemed interested in my work. Don't get me wrong, I did well sale wise, but it wasn't what I expected. I did twice the amount of business last year at Crafty Bastards in one day. This was NY, I thought people loved to shop here! Maybe it was the increase in my pricing- but I sold several of my highest priced pieces right off the bat. Or maybe it was the extreme heat and weather of Saturday, and people just weren't risking coming out again. Or maybe it's dead summer and people aren't thinking of buying gifts yet. Or maybe, as my Dad lovingly pointed out, it's the economy and people don't need to buy jewelry right now. Or maybe NY isn't my "market" and people just didn't like my work. Who knows, but it is leaving me feeling nervous about my future, and wondering if I didn't just make a very silly decision- what's that you ask???? I'll talk about that at later date....
Enough with the negative though. I do have to say that I was blown away by the level of craft, sophistication and creativity of every single vendor there. I was humbled to have been included and even a little star struck. There was a great balance of vendors and merchandise, there was no one overwhelming media that stuck out. I can honestly say that I think there was something there for everyone. I was a little sad that I didn't get to see Lotta Jansdotter, a personal hero of mine! I suspect that she packed up when the terrifying storms rolled in and then didn't return on Sunday. I was incredibly happy to be neighbors with fellow Baltimoreans Rachel and Phil of Red Prairie Press- they are the nicest people and do one hell of a business. I think I must have one of each of their t-shirt designs by now. My other neighbor was the lovely Catherine of Reiter8. She uses recycled sailboat sails and re-purposes them into messenger bags, totes and beach bags. They are "uni-sex" and have a great graphic quality to them- plus they are very durable and a green craft. Some of my other Renegade favorites were Orangyporangy, I got a great skirt that I am wearing right now. I also loved meeting and purchasing from The Candy Thief, her hair pieces remind me of those that Flappers wore in the 20's. I got a beautiful resin necklace from Fern Works, they made the trip all the way out from Oregon. I had to bring my ever patient husband back a gift, and Seibei's "Make Me A Sandwich" monster shirt was calling his name. Of course I got a new scrub from Biggs and Featherbelle, I covet their products. There was no way Cindy and I could pass up the singing pickle t's from Wheelhouse Pickles, and they were giving out free samples of their fabulous pickles as well. I wanted to get some cards from Mean Cards, to send to friends and be, well, mean! But my favorite the "some may call you an enabler, I call you a friend" card was sold out. I'll have to catch them at Crafty Bastards in 2 weeks. So despite, the torrential rain, wind, dangerous lightning, flooding, and slow sales, it was still an incredible experience for me and if anything, I learned a lot from. I hope to be back next year with a vengeance....


Renegade Rain Storm

Saturday was a wash- literally.......

Being in a pool, during a lighting storm, holding on to a metal pole- didn't my mother warn me about that??

Nice display right????

Ummmmmm..... this was Saturday. Sunday was better, I am too exhausted and still wringing my stuff out to comment. Could have been worse, could have. ... Am I cut out for this???



I can't wait!!!!


Shout Out!

I just have to give a Friday shout out to my partner in craft and friend, this chickadee!
Check out her new "metalheads" collection over on her blog. Beautifully crafted tote bags that shimmy and shake it with metallic fabric detailing. They will debut at Crafty Bastards on June 28th!!!!


Art Star Re-cap Day 2

Things I learned on Sunday:

1. Weather makes all the difference for an outside show. Although, I did have many loyal buyers brave the rain/wind/tornadoes on Saturday.

2. Bring lot's of tape.
3. Sunshine makes everyone in a better mood.
4. Megan Auman herself, her work and display are wonderful to see in person! I finally made a decision and got this piece.

5. I already knew this, but Beth Pohlman is way cool. We traded work, yay!

6. The husband and wife team of Super Maggie! are some of the nicest people I've met. I got this and that.
I can't wait to see them again at Renegade in 2 weeks.

7. Make friends with your booth neighbors so they can tie your tent down, catch your merchandise as it is flying away, and their husband's can open beers for you with their lighters. Thanks Erica Ebert Press!
I bought one of her prints, it's gorgeous!

8. Bunny Butt Apothecary's Pomegranate Sage whipped body cream is delicious...

9. The organizers of Art Star do a fantastic job, even in the face of lighting, tornadoes, hail, and I am sure some unhappy vendors and performers. I hope to participate next year!!!

10. My friend and assistant Kelly, is still the most awesome person I know for putting up with all that went on this weekend.


Art Star Re-cap Day 1

Things I learned on Saturday:

1. Six gallon jugs of water, bungee cords, steel bar weights, rope, sailor knots, and prayer will not necessarily keep your tent from flying away in the event of of severe thunderstorms.

2. Putting the sidewalls of your tent down to protect yourself and your work from a driving sideways rain just turns the whole tent into a giant parachute.

3. Pulling a "Mary Poppins" looked like fun as a kid, but I am not so sure about it now....

4. Having small light weight items out such as business cards, signs, camping chairs, and money near a river during said severe thunderstorms is also not a good idea.

5. No matter how much care and thought you put into your display it does not prevent you from having to break it all down several times in one afternoon.

6. A driving rain forces people into your tent, who in turn feel sorry for you and make "sympathy" purchases.

7. Severe thunderstorms, hail, tornado warnings and 30 mph winds do not stop those shoppers who really want to buy your work.

8. Packing it in early and going to drink margaritas is a fail safe way to get the sun to come out.

9. Two day shows are a great idea when one of those days you spend wondering if you will have to run for your life, and figuring out your best escape route.

10. My friend and loyal assistant Kelly is the most awesome person on the planet.

Tomorrows post- How awesome Sunday was, all the goodies I got, and how much I love Philly now.