Get your hands dirty!

I am so glad I read our B.E.S.T blog this morning! Sweet Pepita had posted about this great website, Little House in the Suburbs, where you can download this free spring planting guide. Just this weekend I was wondering if it was too early to start my seeds indoors. If you were a reader last year you'll remember I was very proud of my little sprouts. So I eagerly downloaded my copy and filled in the dates, to find out I have to start my tomatoes and peppers now!!! Here is an excerpt:

Once you establish the frost-free date for your area, this planner will tell you each week what seeds can be started, what can be planted out, and what can be direct sowed from now through the end of the spring planting season. (Italics are used to indicate it's your last chance to get that particular vegetable going.) Then, in the blanks below, you can record what you decided to plant, varieties, notes, what-have-you.

Apparently I should have started spinach indoors a couple of weeks ago and be ready to plant outside soon. No wonder it didn't do so well last year. Here's to spring, warm sunshine, dirt and growing goodies!

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