Almost Famous!

Well, at least Coco is!!! Pick up a copy of "Hopeful Tails, Stories of Rescued Pets and Their Forever Families," by Shelley O'Hara. Coco is featured on page 4! That's Coco above with her book! If you would like a copy, Borders and Walden Books carry it since the book was a project with Borders and the ASPCA. The best part is that a donation is made to the ASPCA from every book sold! So check it out, the stories are both heart warming and humourous. Hopefully, these stories will encourage you to open your home to a shelter animal, or if you already have, remind you of how special they are. These are the stories of the "lucky ones," animals that were given a second chance. Also, October is "Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!" And for those of you who want a "signed" copy, I think I can arrrange that! The photography isn't too shabby, if I do say so myself!


Pledge to Buy Handmade

Take the Handmade Holiday Pledge! I did! Support artists and their blood, sweat, tears, and immensely creative talents buy shopping indie designers, artists, crafters, etsy, etc. And just think, those hand stitched, organic cotton plushy toys won't be on the latest recall list....


And The Winner Is......

Commenter #3!!!!! I know, Iknow, I said I'd post on Friday who the randomly chosen person was.... but the birthday festivities began a little early Thursday evening and, ummmm, I forgot!! So commentor #3 won a pair of my "Tiny Disco" earrings as well as a special surprise of a pair of nesting hair pins- all because I tumbled "over the hill" so to speak.
I can't wait to post a pic of the lovely necklace my husband got me, created by one of my favorite artists, Julie Lake. I am also a proud new owner of a torch- what 30 year old gal doesn't want a blow torch for her birthday! Can't wait to get it set up and light something on fire! Watch out now!


It Keeps Getting Better! New Giveaway!

Hey all! Sorry for the postponement, but I hurt my back and was pretty incapacitated. But I'm feeling better, and for my upcoming birthday (shudder- it's a big one...), I am going to do the giveaway on Thursday the 25th for these lovely "Tiny Disco Earring," as well as another surprise included! So go ahead, leave me some love in the comments from now till Friday morning- and I'll post the winner by noon Friday. What's to loose it's free stuff! Wait- aren't I supposed to receive the gifts???? :)

Studio Shots!

Counter enameled pieces just waiting for some delicious color. I've been counter enameling with leftover enamels so the backs of pieces have a confetti effect. Counter enameling provides stability for the pieces during firing, due to the high heat the metal expands and contracts and the glass can crack if not counter enameled.
Some new in progress earrings and pendants. I love my new colors ! The orange dots on the teal earrings are hand painted on instead of sifting. I am particuarly fond of the gray and yellow "grafftit earrings," it's a color combo I haven't worked with before.

My new favorite pendant, "Queen Anne's Lace." Robin's egg blue and gun metal gray.
Teal and orange enamel on copper. I haven't come up with a name for these yet- any suggestions?

Psssssst! check back tomorrow, there may be a surprise!!!



I am addicted to The Sopranos right now, (I know, I know- that was so 2 years ago, but I don't have HBO and have to rely on netflix!) every night my husband and I curl up on the couch, glasses of chianti in hand to watch an episode or 2. We are into season six right now- don't you dare tell me how this all ends! So imagine my glee at at "ahem," doin' business with the D.C. Craft Mafia! Come to the UnUsual Suspects Show, Nov. 3rd- be there or I'll break ya legs!


Friday Etsy Finds!

Sweet Chardonay Soap by Bohemian House

Wine journal by Bonefolder

Wine glass print by Jadelaine

Wine rack by Anthony David Oliver

Wine stoppers by Rhythm of Color

Hmmmmm, wonder what I am thinking about??? Happy Hour anyone????


I make Pretty Crafty Things!

Head on over to one of my favorite blogs, Pretty Crafty Thing, and you'll see my Queen Anne's Lace Pendant featured! Yay! I am so flattered! Cheers!


Teensy Earrings!

Some new enameled earrings, I call "Teensies" Kiln fired enamel on copper with sterling ear wires. The enamel pieces are appx. the size of a nickel. They'll be in my shop soon!


Shop Re-stocking!!!

August Earrings, gold fill wire and vintage beads

Graffiti Brooch, kiln fired enamel on copper

Blossom Hair pins, vinatge brass and vinatge beads

Sprouted Necklace, hand sawed sterling silver

Oak Leaf Brooch, kiln fired enamel on copper

Finally able to get a few items posted in my shop! It was looking pretty lonely!


Under The Sea

Hand crocheted sea life pendants! Found at Beklina, an online eco friendly boutique. Created by Jessica Polka of Wonderkammer.


Wholy Moly!!!

Phew! These pics are what I like to call the "before the deluge" shots! Crafty Bastards was way more cool then I had ever anticipated! It was my first show EVER, and was a huge success! I am almost completely sold out of all the work I made! CRAZY! I didn't have time to leave the booth to take anymore shots then these before the show opened. I can't thank my friends and fabulous helpers Kelly and Cara enough- there is no way I would have survived without them! There was not a second of down time, and my only regret was not being able to get out and really visit the other vendors. The buyers were awesome, so positive and supportive of everyone's handmade work- thanks to anyone who stopped by and said hi! I am sorry I didn't get to spend anymore time chatting with any of you, it was whirlwind! The city paper folks were super organized, friendly, and helpful- they can throw one hell of an event. The reaction to my work was so inspiring- I can't wait to get back in the studio and make more! My etsy shop is shockingly empty, and it's going to take me a little bit to re-stock! It was the best damn day ever!