Let's Go Out!

This is a new feature over at the B.E.S.T. blog, and I figured since I would actually be going out to my yoga birth class tonight and writing about it for the B.E.S.T blog, why not post it here too? The idea is to pick a local Baltimore place and then find etsy items you would wear or use when you go to the place. My pick is Charm City Yoga's Yoga Birth workshop which starts tonight. If you can't make this fabulous workshop, and you are yoga lovin' baby maker, then head to their prenatal yoga class on Sundays at 4:30.

LinkI will use this Belly Butter by Marigold Soaps to prevent those unsightly stretch marks and relieve my itchy skin.

I will wear this awesome t-shirt by Mutha Crafter, to let everyone know I'm working on the ultimate craft project!

I will carry my yoga mat in this cute bag by Kate Anne, it comes with a side pocket to hold your water bottle- important since we expectant ladies get quite thirsty.

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