Ok, now I feel bad. The producers from "Creative Juice" on HGTV are casting for a reality type show for crafters. It will be guest based so they are looking for "hip" crafters in all craft and media. Here's the kicker- you have to be 28 or younger. I guess at 30, that makes me ineligible and ancient- oh, and not very hip either. Wanna see some "killer D.I.Y skills" cathie and steve?? Come check out the spa bathroom my husband and I are single handily building in space where there was no bathroom before. Come check out the Italian porcelain tile over the radiant heat floor we installed, or the steam shower, or the stainless steel decorative inlay tile we are laying next weekend. Oh wait he's 32. Does it make him "hipper" that he spins records, skateboards, is a graphic artist and musician? Or how about hanging out with me in my basement studio while I fire glass in 2000 degree kiln to make my one of kind enameled jewelry. That's "killer" -literally. Maybe I can "pass" with my dyed hair, nose ring and tattoo's. Sorry for the rant, but come on, since when is 28 the cutoff for being "hip????" Argggg. But if you are lucky enough to be still young, "hip," wrinkle and walker free, then more power to you and submit. Good luck.


Scenic Artisan said...

ha! i'm waaaay tooo old.

dandelion blu said...

I know right! I am really up in arms about this, if you couldn't tell! If it's going to be a craft show aimed at teens- that call it that, why the cut off at 28? That is way beyond teen years, try 21.
Harrummpphhhh, (as the cranky old lady reaches for her walker...)

cathie filian said...

I am the producer of this show - Cathie Filian. I am 37 and I am way to old. Age does not equal hip. My grandmother is 99 and she hipper than most people I know!

This show is for 13-18 year olds so - yes, 28 is really stretching it.
The first call was for 21 and under and everyone flipped out because they were 24 and did not qualify. So I set the top at 28.

Think Hanna Montana! Think a kids network not HGTV or DIY.

Have a crafty day,