"I Am Who I Pretend To Be...."

Saturday night I ventured down to our nations lovely capital to attend the opening of Cara Ober's new show "I Am Who I pretend To Be..." The show at the Randall Scott Gallery, was a mixture of new drawings and paintings, and included a wall of 100 small drawings that were like daily musings or fragmented narratives.
In the wake of "the scandal" (you can catch up here), Cara's work has gotten darker- both in color and perception. Her once pale washy canvases with their often pastel colors have deepened to richer tones. The text has taken on an edgier aggressive voice, and depictions of wolves, tanks and other more sinister images have surfaced.
I rather liked the inclusion of the definition of "plagiarist" in the painting on the invitation, a not so subtle reference to said scandal. It's self defense fine art style. But hey, I'm biased. We made it through grad school together, I've got "Obers" all over my house, and I thought she took an unfair beating in our small town presses. So congratulations, "I Am Who I Pretend To Be..." definitely had the last word.

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