DC Craft Mafia Report

My "famillia" who stuck it out with me throughout the very long day. Thanks gals!!!!

Earring tree o' plenty

Enameled pendants on display

Hair pins and some new enamels

All in all I had a very good day- I had no idea what to expect since it was only my second show, and after the unbelievable success I had at Crafty Bastards- I knew there would be no comparison. I got to hang out all day with my good friends who so graciously helped me hawk my wares, thanks guys! Check out my friend's new blog, this chickadee, she is working her fingers to the bone creating home goods and other goodies. I also got to shop some of my favorite vendors, something I didn't get to do at Crafty since it was a hectic non stop buying bonanza! I got soaps and other delicious goods from Biggs and Featherbelle. Some new silk screened T's from one of my all time faves Red Prairie Press. And I salivated over Megan Auman's welded steel jewelry. I got the chance to meet and chat with Patch Ink as well as Brookadelphia. And my sales were nothing to sneeze at as well! I felt like it was a good flow of action, I was neither mobbed nor deserted, and I actually got to talk to my customers this time! The venue was a bit odd though, it seemed to be in a residential area of Bethesda, so that may have impeded a lot of foot traffic. It appeared to be a ballroom type rental, complete with the wall o' mirrors for a a more "spacious" feel, drunkenly spinning disco ball, and the ever present drop ceiling. I felt like I should have my camera, and be frantically trying to "find the bride." But that was my former life... shudder. Plus, I had several people email me afterwards saying they couldn't find it, so I don't know if that effected anything. Also, we were sort of crammed in there like sardines and had to construct elaborate "passage ways" to get out from behind our tables. Luckily we were neighbors with the lovely, talented, and oh so patient Palace of Varied Industries and Scarves by Helen, so we could be chummy but actually be able to leave our area! I think the vendors were immensely talented and there seemed to be a good mix- Lot's of jewelry, but hey, that's a given! I look forward to future events by The DC Craft Mafia! Cheers!

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this chickadee said...

it was the best nine hours on a saturday that i've spent in a long time. i second your emotions with regard to the event's shortcomings but it was great to see all of the other gifted and talented folk and their stuff. plus there was pizza. and nice, warm florescent lighting.

p.s. thanks for the shout-out