The ACC Noticed Little Old Me!

Delighted, flattered, and on cloud nine! Words can't describe my astonishment at being featured in an article spotlighting work chosen by American Craft Council Director of Education, Monica Hampton and Editor of American Craft Magazine, Andrew Wagner! The article is on Etsy's Storque newsletter, and is a highlight of shopping "through the lens of the American Craft Council." Andrew and Monica chose their favorite picks, and imagine my amazement that they stumbled on, and liked my "teensy" earrings! I am literally flabbergasted! I attend the ACC show every year and can only aspire to one day be involved- it is the best of the best in contemporary craft. Above there are some screen shots from the page, but be sure to check out the whole article. What a Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays to all!

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Julie Lake said...

I saw that!! Congratulations - they really are sweet little earrings.