Where Have You Been???

I know, I know- it's been a while! But I'm back after suffering the most tenacious cold, Thanksgiving, and interim grading. In my abscence I did manage to squeeze in some studio time and make these new pendants. These are quite a departure from my more saturated pallets- especially with my "graffiti" series. But I am enjoying using just black and white, (or gun metal gray in the case of the 2nd pendant from the top) and experimenting with texture and line. I love color, and consider myself to have a pretty good eye and feeling for it. In fact, in Grad school I painted my entire house intense colors just for my thesis body of photography work. I was continuosly accused of being a painter in denial because my photos were so saturated with color. But I have also always had a love for that perfectly printed silver gelatin black and white print. So in photography terms, these pendants are like my "retrun" to a sumptous black and white print. Now if I can only part with them and post them in my shop!

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