Studio Shots!

Counter enameled pieces just waiting for some delicious color. I've been counter enameling with leftover enamels so the backs of pieces have a confetti effect. Counter enameling provides stability for the pieces during firing, due to the high heat the metal expands and contracts and the glass can crack if not counter enameled.
Some new in progress earrings and pendants. I love my new colors ! The orange dots on the teal earrings are hand painted on instead of sifting. I am particuarly fond of the gray and yellow "grafftit earrings," it's a color combo I haven't worked with before.

My new favorite pendant, "Queen Anne's Lace." Robin's egg blue and gun metal gray.
Teal and orange enamel on copper. I haven't come up with a name for these yet- any suggestions?

Psssssst! check back tomorrow, there may be a surprise!!!


maia (glassbeach) said...

Ooh, The Queen Anne's Lace pendant is gorgeous!

Liz said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and i wanted to tell you how much i like it. The studio/in progress shots are great, and i LOVE the queen anne's lace!