Wholy Moly!!!

Phew! These pics are what I like to call the "before the deluge" shots! Crafty Bastards was way more cool then I had ever anticipated! It was my first show EVER, and was a huge success! I am almost completely sold out of all the work I made! CRAZY! I didn't have time to leave the booth to take anymore shots then these before the show opened. I can't thank my friends and fabulous helpers Kelly and Cara enough- there is no way I would have survived without them! There was not a second of down time, and my only regret was not being able to get out and really visit the other vendors. The buyers were awesome, so positive and supportive of everyone's handmade work- thanks to anyone who stopped by and said hi! I am sorry I didn't get to spend anymore time chatting with any of you, it was whirlwind! The city paper folks were super organized, friendly, and helpful- they can throw one hell of an event. The reaction to my work was so inspiring- I can't wait to get back in the studio and make more! My etsy shop is shockingly empty, and it's going to take me a little bit to re-stock! It was the best damn day ever!


annie said...

i've been meaning to find you and introduce myself to you for so long! can't wait to meet you in person! yea baltimore! so glad you had an AWESOME show- as promised!

Anonymous said...

your assistants appear to be very busy guarding your many lovely treasures. did you put a spell on them?

Mama C-ta said...

How awesome! Your display looks stunning, great job, I hope to make the show next time.