Almost Famous!

Well, at least Coco is!!! Pick up a copy of "Hopeful Tails, Stories of Rescued Pets and Their Forever Families," by Shelley O'Hara. Coco is featured on page 4! That's Coco above with her book! If you would like a copy, Borders and Walden Books carry it since the book was a project with Borders and the ASPCA. The best part is that a donation is made to the ASPCA from every book sold! So check it out, the stories are both heart warming and humourous. Hopefully, these stories will encourage you to open your home to a shelter animal, or if you already have, remind you of how special they are. These are the stories of the "lucky ones," animals that were given a second chance. Also, October is "Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!" And for those of you who want a "signed" copy, I think I can arrrange that! The photography isn't too shabby, if I do say so myself!

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Mama C-ta said...

Awesome!! I now know a local celeb ;)