Art Star Re-cap Day 1

Things I learned on Saturday:

1. Six gallon jugs of water, bungee cords, steel bar weights, rope, sailor knots, and prayer will not necessarily keep your tent from flying away in the event of of severe thunderstorms.

2. Putting the sidewalls of your tent down to protect yourself and your work from a driving sideways rain just turns the whole tent into a giant parachute.

3. Pulling a "Mary Poppins" looked like fun as a kid, but I am not so sure about it now....

4. Having small light weight items out such as business cards, signs, camping chairs, and money near a river during said severe thunderstorms is also not a good idea.

5. No matter how much care and thought you put into your display it does not prevent you from having to break it all down several times in one afternoon.

6. A driving rain forces people into your tent, who in turn feel sorry for you and make "sympathy" purchases.

7. Severe thunderstorms, hail, tornado warnings and 30 mph winds do not stop those shoppers who really want to buy your work.

8. Packing it in early and going to drink margaritas is a fail safe way to get the sun to come out.

9. Two day shows are a great idea when one of those days you spend wondering if you will have to run for your life, and figuring out your best escape route.

10. My friend and loyal assistant Kelly is the most awesome person on the planet.

Tomorrows post- How awesome Sunday was, all the goodies I got, and how much I love Philly now.

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