I'm Back!!!

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And still recovering from major jet lag! I had an unbelievable time, I swear we walked all of Rome, saw the Pantheon (pictured), The Forum, The Colleseum, The Vatican, The Tiber, Catacombs, and so much more. I have a new love for Espresso, Limonchello, Roman artichokes, gnocchi, and eggplant. We took a train down to Naples, then Sorrento and a boat to Capri. I saw the ruins of Pompeii and had dinner over the water in a marina in Sorrento. I spent a lot of time wandering in and out of little shops in Trastevere looking at the work of many local artisans. Lot's of jewelers had their benches right in the middle of the shop so you could watch them as they worked.
I also spent 3 days in London, and took a side trip to Dover to see the White Cliffs and Dover castle. There are several galleries devoted to handmade jewelry and a great textile and design museum- unfortunately they were all closed as I was there over a weekend (for future reference).
I took a gazillion pictures and am busy uploading them to flickr if you want to see my adventure! I am back and ready to get to work to try to catch up on orders and get enough stock for Crafty Bastards!

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ps-jealous of your trip though.