Back to School Etsy Finds

So tomorrow it's back to school for me, and to alleviate my utter despair at having to get up at 6am, wear something other then flip flops, and actually ummmm, work, I thought I'd post some back to school finds from etsy. Like these beautiful notebooks from Color Me Bella. Need a great tote bag to haul around all your books? Check out this cute one. Or maybe a messenger bag is what you need? I like this one by Sugar Lust. Don't forget your pencil case, grab it up from Cascade Lemonade. And while your there snag a new re-usable lunch bag too, school lunch always disappoints anyways! And you'll need a calendar to mark down all those important dates. Check this one out, with a page designed by yours truly! I think I got Oct. 11th, which is my wedding anniversary. If you are artistically inclined, maybe a new portfolio is what you need? Or a bulletin board for over your desk? New mouse pad? Oh, I almost forgot, new school shoes! Ok, I'm starting to feel a little better now...

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ambika said...

I *love* Etsy recommendations. It's so massive that sometimes it's hard to find the jaw-dropping gems. Love these notebooks--just so, so pretty.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Love your nesty hairpins!