Quilt for the Sprout!

I know it's not jewelry, but it is handmade by me! I just finished up the is quilt this weekend for the sprout.
I used some left over fabrics from some other projects, and the solid yellow squares are actually from my own baby blanket- hence the wear and transparency!
Definitely not as fantastic as the quilts I saw at the ACC this past weekend, but it's pretty good for my first try at quilting. The batting is bamboo, so it is a thinner quilt, but I liked that the bamboo is hypoallergenic and antibacterial- plus it "adjusts" to the body temperature. Bamboo is an awesome fiber, I am now on the lookout for more as designers and manufacturers are realizing how versatile and sustainable bamboo is.

This is the back, a nice snuggly fleece. Since we won't know the sprouts gender till he/she makes their arrival, I went with a more "gender neutral" pallet. Although, I am not a big believer in colors actually having a gender preference- but for some reason it really seems to matter to others. Why is pink a "girl color?" When you stop to think about it, it's kind of weird right? Hope everybody enjoys their snow day!

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Karen said...

I love that quilt---great colors. I'm with you on the gender-neutral. There's no need to bombard a girl with pink and a boy with blue. My sister made her nursery orange and aqua and it would have been so cute for either a boy or girl.