Wishful Thinking

My nifty indoor/outdoor thermometer says it's 64 degrees inside and 23 degrees outside here in Charm City, and it's only going to get colder. Nowhere near the extreme of 38 degrees BELOW 0 that Minneapolis is experiencing, but it's still pretty frigid. It's too cold for me to work in my basement studio today, too cold to take pictures outside- what's a girl to do? So I dug up this little gem that I photographed earlier in the year but never posted. I know, it's a peony, one of my favorite springtime flowers, but it's making me think of the warmer days to come, working in my garden and enjoying the outdoors without risk of frost bite. This is the first peony pendant in this size, the others are large on sterling. Enamel on copper, 1.5" in diameter, perfect for spring time- even though we are still months away... :) Posted in the shop today!


Spa Therapy Works said...

that's gorgeous! I too love peony

kim* said...

very awesome