Post Halloween

The theme for this years Halloween party was Tim Burton movies- excellent choice in my book. I originally wanted to be one half of the singing siamese twins from "Big Fish," but couldn't convince anyone to squeeze into a single dress with me. I figured there would be lot's of "Sweeney Todd" characters since it is his latest movie, so I crossed that one off my list, all though the beach scene would have been fantastic. I settled on "The Corpse Bride" figuring people may have forgotten about it and it seemed like an easy costume to make. One bid on an unhappy bride's gown ($10 !!!) later, and we were in business!

I even dug out my own dried bouquet to complete the look!

Me and "Veruca Salt" from "Willy Wonka" holding a friend's unsuspecting baby- there's something wrong with this scene....!
Me and the lonely, over sexed neighbor from "Edwards Scissorhands." Remmeber she accosts him in the beauty parlor?? Guess who won the costume contest??? Why, me!!! Yay!! What were you for halloween?

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kim* said...

your so pretty in the spooky outfit :)