Classic Rocks at the Walters Art Museum

Wondering where I've been??? So have I! After the exhaustion of Handmade Arcade, I had to jump right back into working on my wearable sculpture for the "Classic Rocks" show at The Walters Art Museum. The runway show is this Thursday evening, and unless you want to pay $150 to attend and drink $50 glasses of champagne (there will be 1 REAL diamond in a glass), you can only see the work by going to either the reception on Saturday morning, or checking it while on display through Thanksgiving. The runway show will be filmed and projected alongside the pieces for the full effect. J Shoes donated the shoes the models are wearing, professional hair and make up artists will work their magic, and I even had a piece of music custom composed by Mr. Dandelion. No pictures yet, I am of course working right up to the deadline, but hope to get some pics at the dress rehearsal tonight. Wish me luck!

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