Image from Ornament As Art show.

Sunday I headed down to our nations capital to meet up with this chickadee and view the Smithsonian Craft Show. There were 150 exhibitors, making it an easily accessible show. It was nice to browse and not feel rushed in order to see the whole show. I also appreciated the intimacy of the space and the chance to speak to the artists. There were several I recognized from Baltimore's ACC show, and I enjoyed a brief exchange with Eric Silva, one of my favorite artists.
Next we headed to the Renwick Gallery to see "Ornament as Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection." I have to say this was the highlight of my day, and anyone interested in jewelry as art shouldn't miss this show. I am coveting the show catalog, but at $90 it had to be pried from my fingers. As usual I left both shows feeling my usual mix of inspiration and despair- the inspiration is self explanatory, the despair because I feel like I'll never be "that good." But it is something to aspire too...

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