Who Knew??

That there was so much math involved in jewelry making???? Last night was my first class in ring making at MICA, with the very talented Kirsten Rook, who by the way is featured in this book
"1000 Rings." I was doing fine with all the tools, terminology, and materials, until she began writing on the board the formula for finding the inner circumference of a ring. My eyes glazed over. It involved multiple multiplications and additions and I think even the use of "pi." I haven't see that since I almost failed algebra 2 in high school. Let's just say that a certain somebody WANTED to be a veterinarian until that somebody discovered just how much math was involved, and then that somebody ended up in art school. And now that math is back to haunt me. The flip side is that I have somehow grown into a "bit" of an anal retentive perfectionist, so getting the equation right equals a perfect fit. I realized just how much trouble I was in as Kirsten began explaining how you had to file the ends of the ring "perfectly" so they fit together nicely, and I realized I had already worked up a sweat with just my filing. It's going to be a long semester....

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