New Work

Kiln fired enamel on copper earrings

Kiln fired enamel on copper brooch.

Hand sawed sterling silver pendant with crystal on chain

Sterling silver hand sawed pendant with crystal on chain

More graffiti earrings, enamel on copper


ambika said...

Oh the brooch! So pretty and perfectly autumn.

queering_domesticity said...

That brooch is GORGEOUS!

You asked me a while ago for an image link, by the way. I'm sorry I forgot! But here are two links:

.Gif link: http://dccraftmafia.com/events_images/dccm.gif

Plain ol' image:http://www.dccraftmafia.com/events_images/holidayshow.jpg

Hope that helps! :)

queering_domesticity said...

Ok, seriously. Are you selling the brooch? If so, when and where?

It's beautiful.

beth said...

Hey there!

I love the pierced pendants! Good luck at Crafty Bastards!