New Studio!

Here it is! We spent all weekend clearing out this area of the basement, waterproofing the walls and floor, and then painting and new lighting. I learned that the previous owners may have had a small problem with an illegal substance, ummm, yeah. When we ripped out a platform shelf type thing that was built in god only knows what time, we found some "paraphenalia." And believe me, it wasn't anything good or worth saving. We keep joking that as we renovate this house we'll find our "refund" in the walls- this was not what I was expecting! Anyhow, my area is all set up, kiln is ready to go, and I have all my supplies at hand.
Now, I have to get to work!

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Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Exciting! We've just bought a new house and I'm dying to get my new improved studio all set up...!