Something Blue

These are some earrings I just finished for my friend's wedding in Brazil! Lucky her! They are freshwater pearl and blue swarvoski crystal. She wanted something simple, but with a nod to the tropics. I am always honored when I am asked to create something special for such a big day. And it's much better to be on this side of the wedding chaos.... Considering my previous life as a wedding and event photographer, (and I now consider myself in recovery) this is much, MUCH, less stressful. The bride doesn't like it? I re-work them. No nasty emails about how I missed getting a picture of Great Auntie (like I know who all these people are), or getting blamed for "ruining their day," because the limo never showed up, everything ran late, or my favorite- it rains. The best part about it- I don't have to be there!!!! Yay! After 100+ weddings,
I've seen it all! Including a very drunk bride who spilled red wine down the front of her dress and and screamed "photographer girl take my piccctttuuuurree," within an hour of the reception starting. That show "Bridezilla's" can't even compete with me......

And for the record- the bride these are for is sooooo not a zilla, she's one of the most laid back sweetest people I know- congrats to her and I know it will be beautiful in that tropical paradise!

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