I don't do malls....

by Circular Accessories

I was all set to write about my new forming class (which I will go into great detail about later!) when a friend asked me today where I did most of my clothing shopping, and if I wanted to go to the mall. I recoiled in horror at the mere mention of the "m" word, (alright not really, since I do enjoy me a little Target, Anthropologie, H&M thrown in the mix)and said "hell no, THEY are there." THEY meaning the darlings that I teach. THEY are always so shocked and amazed that WE actually leave the school, that WE don't spend all our free time plotting ways to ruin THEIR
lives with exams, and gasp, homework.

Now, for any of those who know me, it's obvious that I treat my friend's store Double Dutch in Hampden, as my closet. She has at times said that I am their best costumer,
and my husband would certainly agree. Double Dutch carries a lot of consignment items and local designers, so you can actually buy something and we won't be "twins" (how many of you did that in middle school? come on I know you are out there!)

But where else? So I looked down and realized that today I am wearing one of my most favorite t-shirts, hand silk screened by Circular Accessories. I have several of her designs, including the above goldfish shirt and the scissors. Another online store I buy from frequently is The Red Dress Shoppe. I go there for fun dresses and special occasions. I really love this Avalon Dress.

So where do you shop? come on give it up!

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Mama C-ta said...

Yay! I now know your secret, I always think you look so cute. there is a black dress from DD I want but don't have the need for a $160 dress, or a dress period right now. I shop at uh, um...target? Pretty pathetic, I don't shop for myself anymore.

I meant to comment on your scissor shirt too. I'm gonna get one myself, twin-y - mwahahahaha! Oh I would never do that, but if this was 8th grade I'd be all over the twin thing.

Looking foward to tomorrow, although Julian woke up w/a fever today. Could be fun...