Babies, babies, everywhere!

There has been a rash of baby having within my circle of family and friends. Being "artsy," and without children of my own, I always feel the need to find something different. Something not so Disney-winnie-the-pooh-seasame-street-ish. My first stop was Urban Baby Runway, the best shop for fashion conscious moms and kids. I got these awesome baby legs there, and this cute onesie. URB is owned by the fabulous Mamac-ta, a stay at home Mom and small business owner extraordinaire- and she has a kick-ass sense of fashion! My next stop was to Fort Cloudy,
where I got the above hot pink guitar bib and a blue one for my new nephew. She hand embroiders the bibs, and carries other awesome baby gear. From there I clicked on over to Red Prairie Press, for some more handmade action. I am big a fan of pirates so I fell in love with these "eat yar peas" onesies. I am also a fan of the Red Prairie Press adult t-shirts as I realize I have 3 in my closet! These kids are going to have better wardrobes then me....!


Mama C-ta said...

Oh you're gonna kill me with these links. Don't you know I shouldn't be shopping! That bib is to die for!

Mama C-ta said...

BTW I haven't forgotten about the blog changes you would like made. Our internet was out most of yesterday so I'm still trying to catch up! I posted about my beautiful necklace today!