For the lovers of all things canine....

Since I got started on pets yesterday I thought I'd continue with one of my most favorite purchases. Amelia Makes Art made these felted wool portraits of my Boxers, Coco and Mason. I sent her a couple of pictures and got back these adorable likenesses. She has such an eye for detail that she got all their markings right, and even gave Coco a tail! Check out my flickr page to see pics of the real Coco and Mason- it's pretty amazing! I recently commissioned Amelia to make a portrait of my parents little Jack Russell Terrier, who sadly passed away recently. It's nice way to remember the little guy.
I also found these really nice "eco friendly fleece" dog beds by Annie's Sweat Shop, that are made from recycled plastic and you fill the bed with your old pillow. They snap together so you can mix and match. I think they might be a bit small for Mason though! And I just love this collar by Lucky Fiona, I want a skirt or headband to match- awesome fabric! For the kitties I found these great zombie cat toys by Prairie Bird designs. And of course I luvvv this button, I'll be ordering one once I'm done posting!

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