A New Year, A New Dandelion!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2009 brought A Lot of changes for this here Dandelion. The biggest being of course was the debut of The Sprout! Now, I am not one to make resolutions, I feel like it's silly to try to enact a huge list of changes all on one day. So I prefer to think of them as goals for the new year. I try to reflect on the past year and then envision how I would like the next year to unfold, and what I can do to help it along. Obvioulsy I have several personal goals that involve The Sprout, and those also affect my little business here too. How I allocate my time is on the top of the list. So here are my goals for Dandelion Blu's 2010:

1. Be a more consistent blogger, promoter on facebook, etsy and twitter.
2. Strive to update my shop more frequently.
3. Keep better records of sales, time spent, where the money is going, etc.
4. Stream line my product line.
5. Update my wholesale catalog.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy start to the New Year!

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