Contest! and a sneak peak!

transparent enamels on copper w/ fine silver inlay

I will be debuting a new collection at the 2010 ACC show in February, and need your help to name it! Here is a sneak peak at 3 pieces in progress. If you have a brilliant idea for a name for this collection, leave it in the comments below, or on the Dandelion Blu Facebook fan page. If I choose your entry, you will win a fabulous Dandelion Blu prize! The winning entry will be chosen next Wednesday, Jan. 27th. So let your creativity shine and help me out! Every idea will be considered, but please keep your ideas clean guys!


Block Party Press said...

"Cellular" (not like the phones) - they remind me of cells.

"Inner space" - again with the cells
"Under the Microscope"

Luciana said...

I'd say "Fossil", "Primordial," or "Protozoa." That's what I think of. That's a very cool collection!

Juliet said...

Future Fossils

Anonymous said...

eddie van halen says "topography"

Anne M. said...