The Summit was AWESOME Indeed!

So much info, so much craftiness, and so much support. It was really nice to be part of such a great event. From the workshops and speakers, to the hands on activities, to the screening of Handmade Nation, I don't know how anybody could leave and not be truly inspired. I only have 3 regrets- I didn't take enough pictures, I didn't have the energy to stay the entire weekend, and given the "state" I am in, I can't dive head first in to all the new ideas I have. Sigh. My plans will have to wait a bit till the little sprout is here and settled in. But hey, I have to sort of think of it as THE ULTIMATE CRAFT PROJECT, right? My workshop went well, I hope I was able to help out some of the eager crafters with their photo questions. I was just flattered to be included!

The crafty crowded lunch at Miss Pixies, with yummy Whole Foods treats.

More crafters listening intently to Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching.

Maria, one of the CEO's of Etsy speaking at lunch.

Crafter attending the "Service with a Smile" learning session.

Becky of this chickadee speaking on the topic of customer service.

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Anji Gallanos said...

What a great event! It looks like it would have been so much fun