One more dog post...

I promise this will be it for awhile, but here is what The Washington Post was suggesting for the new White House dog!

Given all factors considered, though, we're going for something else. We're going with something fitted to your size, physique and the temperament of your chief of staff. Yes, we're talking about what the AKC calls "the well-conditioned middleweight athlete of dogdom," the boxer!

Even better, the agency's Web site says, "The breed is known for standing up on its hind legs and batting at its opponent, appearing to box with its front paws." Perfect for dealing with Congress!

Not that we've forgotten about the kids. The AKC: "One of the breed's most notable characteristics is its desire for human affection, especially from children. They are patient and spirited with children, but also protective, making them a popular choice for families."

It's just a thought, sir. But given the nature of your new job, we think you might need a good friend who doesn't think much of newspapers, never reads popularity polls and always reminds you to keep your left up.

Now, let's just hope the Obama's consider adoption! Maybe people would give it a second thought if the "First Dog" was a rescue. Happy weekend everyone!

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