The Business of Craft

Our B.E.S.T sponsored day of workshops, "The Business of Craft" at the Creative Alliance, went of without a hitch. Many thanks to our fearless leader, organizer and presenter, Jen Menkhaus! The turnout was great and each of the 4 workshops were well presented and educational. I took tons of notes during the marketing section, because well, my marketing plan is simply lacking. Also helpful was the info on trademarking, copyrighting and business structure. The tax presentation, although scary and tedious, convinced me I need to keep better records. So off to Staples it was this morning for file folders, new labels and other supplies. I left feeling both inspired to get it together and thinking that I need to invest in a calendar, get up earlier, and stop wasting so much time on the internet!

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Sara Kirby said...

I was there! It was a great workshop and so incredibly helpful. I have yet to start to produce my own "works of genius" but when I'm ready I feel like BEST has given me some very useful tools and advice to get started!