Dandelion Dog!

Remember Dandelion? The dog I was sponsoring through the ASPCA last year? I received a lovely message from her new owner the other day:

Hi, my name is Nancy Condon and our family adopted Dandelion from the ASPCA. I accidentally discovered that you sponsored Dandy and wanted to thank you for helping her. I was told that she had over $20,000 worth of vet bills so your donation was appreciated I'm sure! She is a wonderful dog though she will have health issues for the rest of her life as a result of her abuse. What is ironic is that we live here in Baltimore/White Marsh. If you go here
you will see her AFTER photo. I've also attached another pic. We feel very fortunate to have her in our lives. I just thought you might want to here her happy ending! Thanks again!!!!

I love it when I hear good news about the animals I sponsor! Check out Dandelion in her Halloween costume, and she was an ASPCA dog photo contest winner. Support Animal rescue, the puppies and kitties will thank you!

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BorneoDiva said...

Very cute and lovely dog :)