A Birthday Give Away!!!

It's my birthday Sunday, but you may get the gifts! Starting today through Sunday the 26th, leave me a comment for your chance to win this new "Tiny Maple" necklace. Everyone is eligible, just leave me a comment about your best birthday or Halloween memory (cuz you all know I love Halloween, wait till you see my costume!)and I'll randomly choose a winner from the comments on Sunday- who knows, it could be you! To see more pics of this new piece go here!


annie said...

ohhh!!! happy birthday! it's my bday on monday!
my favorite birthday memory has to be 2007- paris for the first time!

Meaghan said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Favorite Halloween memory - when I lived in Switzerland as a nanny, I had the kids dress up for Halloween (even though they don't do that "over there") and they went trick or treating through the house. Their grandparents and parents hid behind a door, they said, "trick or treat!" in English and got candy and tiny gifts. It was awesome.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!!

I spent my last bday in vegas...and won $400! very memorable!! :)and profitable ;)

Anonymous said...

Well birthday or Halloween you say. How about Annapolis circa 2006. I seem to remember three boys back in a dark corner dancing around in a white veil pretending to be ghost while two girls tried to listen to ghost stories in the basement of a haunted bar. It wasn't really my birthday but it was someone's?!?! and it was close to Halloween. :) Cindy S

Elisa Shere said...

Happy Birthday!!! Yipee!

I LOVE Halloween so it's hard to narrow down to my favorite. I love to dress up in costume more than anything. I think my favorite was when I dressed up as Frieda Kahlo and apparently was a little too convincing. I had penciled in a unibrow and mustache hair and totally disgusted all of my male friends. They had a hard time maintaining eye contact. There's better than grossing people out on Halloween (except for dressing up in costume).

tigerlillyshop said...

lovely necklace!
my favorite halloween memory is when i took my 6 month old to her first "great halloween lanetern parade" in 2005. she was a bright orange bubble eyed sparkle organza goldfish for all to see! lol. it was so fun! happy b-day;)

this chickadee said...

happy bday and favorite holiday! here's a fond bday memory...in fifth grade i had a sleepover and hit cara in the head with a flashlight during a pillow fight. i'd forgotten that i stashed the flashlight in my 'case for later.

Juliet said...

Happy Birthday!!

My favorite Halloween has to be when I dressed my boxer up as a hooters girl. we got a hooters tank top from Goodwill and put some pearls around her neck. Quite pretty. =)

Sara Kirby said...

Happy Early Birthday!

The necklace is lovely!!!!

My best Halloween memory is probably also a slightly sad one. I loved my costume that year (1986) , I was Punky Brewster and had the costume down to a T complete with sunshine face hair ties. But unfortunately I got Lice from school and not only did I miss Halloween but I spent the evening getting my hair cut. Even though no one got to see my genius costume it's still my number one favorite and a pretty unique Halloween experience!

cronk said...

happy birthday!

best memory....hmm, one of my happy birthday memories would probably be the two summers ago, when I was able to return to Thailand (where I grew up), and celebrate with my old high school friends. They surprised me and took me out for ice cream! :)