I Heart Seattle!

As a treat to ourselves for surviving Bumbershoot, this chickadee and I took a little vacation and stayed in Seattle for 4 more days. We shipped the menfolk home (many, many thanks to our hubbies for supporting us and braving the "shoot" w/ us!) and headed out to explore. Now it may seem like all we did was eat, drink and shop, but we did some cultural things as well! We visited the Seattle Zoo and wandered through the rose garden, which was amazing and if I ever convinced mr. dandelion to move to Seattle, I'd work there as a rose caretaker. We went on the underground Seattle tour- while very interesting from a historical perspective, it wasn't too visually stimulating. My 2 favorite neighborhoods were Fremont and Ballard, again if we moved West, they'd be my first 2 choices to reside. My favorite grocery store was in Fremont. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's need to take note of the PCC Natural Market. We checked out the Fremont Troll under the freeway and had coffee at Light House Roasters, where Dave Matthews has been sighted. Enjoyed Belgian beers at Brouwer's and some of the best Thai I've had in years at Jai Thai. The vegetarian Crunchito roll at Chiso Sushi is delicious. In fact, I had the best vegetarian food in Seattle, it was a veggie dream! My favorites were Vegetarian Bistro and Cafe Flora. For breakfast we LOVED 14 Carrot Cafe, so much so we went twice, get the huevos rancheros! Grateful Breads has good coffee and even better pastries. Portage Bay Cafe serves locally grown and organic meals. Zeitgest Coffee had strong "drip" and good art on it's walls. As far as brew pubs, well we patronized quite a few. The most memorable ones being Elysian Brewing Company- we hit 2 locations, and their pumpkin beer is amazing. The People's Pub, The Hilltop Ale House, and McMenamins. I am sure I am forgetting a few there... Flowers in the U District was recommended as a great brew pub and veggie restaurant- but not so much. The "Bruschetta of the Day" consisted of some brie cheese slapped on to some rye bread with tomato sauce...
Shopping- sigh, where do I begin??? Seattle is fabulously dedicated to it's local and Indie artists, with whole stores dedicated to just that. Unfortunately I didn't get the names of all, but here goes a few of my favorites.
Bouncing Wall in Queen Anne, Monster Art & Clothing in Ballard, Red Delicious Seattle in Pike Place and Dandelion Botanical Company. Other fun places were Velouria in Ballard, and I got to peak in the window of The Pretty Parlor, we kept showing up after hours.
I am sure I am missing plenty but here's a good list for anyone headed west!

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Elisa Shere said...

I'm so jealous! Cafe Flora is amazing, good choice. Also 14 carrots is right down the street from where we lived in Seattle.

Sounds like a great time, you definitely made the most of it. Yeah!