Debuting on the East Coast for the first time! These earrings are lovingly crafted by this chickadee and Dandelion Blu. Despite Mr. Chickadee and Mr. Dandelion's belief that when we get together it's all play and no work! Here's the info printed on the back of our cute new earring cards-

"While searching for a way to combine materials and our design sensibility, plus a way to express our green interests, this line of textile jewelry was born. From the precious metals to the classic cottons, all materials used are recycled and repurposed."

The ear wires are shaped like my Beaux Style earrings and pass through the ear to clasp at the bottom like a vertical hoop. The fabrics are remnants from the chickadee's designs selected for their color combos, texture and pattern. Check them out at Crafty this Sunday!

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