And We're Off!

This time tomorrow (Seattle time) we will have touched down, be wearily searching for our bags and hoping everything arrived safely, and headed over to the festival grounds to begin setting up our booth. My nerves are shot- but in a good way. I think I managed to bust out 200 pieces- not all of them are enameled, there are beaded earrings in my Beaux Style, and hairpins, but it is A LOT of work for me. Let's just hope I come back with less then I left with. Above is our booth placement, unfortunately they listed this chickadee as just "Chickadee" but at least they linked us all properly. We are in Alki Court which is near the art center and the literary center. Hopefully a little more quiet then the stadium center, but with lot's of traffic. The vendor list is impressive, I feel honored to just be among many of these fabulous artists. I hoping to post a few pics and news from Seattle while I'm there, but we'll see. If you are a Seattle reader, or are headed to the festival, stop by and say hello! Wish us luck!!!!!

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