Craft Sabbatical- Part 2

So I am still on my self imposed sabbatical- from jewelry making that is. Because I have been crafting as you can see below. I decided to dust off (literally because it was upstairs in the middle of our rehab project) the old Singer and try my hand at making some pillows for our blahhh couch. So I made those three, and then was inspired to try my hand at making a skirt, which you can see part of in the reflection below. Now I am hooked and am inspired to try to make a skirt from an old table cloth my mother in law gave me. If all goes well I'll post pics tomorrow. But don't you worry, I'll be hammering, sawing and firing the metal again here soon. Sometimes you just need a break to feel inspired by your materials again.

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this chickadee said...

fantastic! you are a woman of many talents.