Ring Class- the results...

Here are my two final cast rings. We used the lost wax cast process which was really interesting to learn. First we had to carve a ring out of a block of wax- which I found surprisingly difficult. Up until now we have been working additively, building and engineering rings. This carving threw me for a loop as we were taking away to get the form. The hardest part was getting started, and I just kept having to tell myself that is was only wax. Then we had to "sprue" the wax rings to a "tree" to make the model to pour the plaster investment around. Once that hardens the wax is melted out in the kiln leaving a plaster mold. Metal is melted down till molten, poured into the cast, and voila you have a sterling ring. I have really condensed the description of this process, of course there are many more steps but you get the gist of it. Enjoy!

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