Jewelry.... For your walls!

Keeping to my handmade pledge, I made these light switch plates for my husband for xmas. As if you already didn't know, we are in the midst of rehabbing our 1920's house from top to bottom. Even the switch plates in this place have to go. So I did a little research on art deco patterns, and created these lovelies to grace our walls. They are hand sawed nu-gold, brass, and copper pieces and then I did some texturizing with my flex shaft. A little love and sparkle for my walls...!


Trendy Tots said...

They are beautiful! You house will look fabulous when it's finished.

Mama C-ta said...

Love these!!!

And you'll be redoing my switchplates too right? ;) Your house is already awesome, even more so now.

Julie Lake said...

You know... learning to make art, jewelry, sculpture, etc. is one thing.... but being able to make something that you can actually use in your own home is the real reward. Very nice!!